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HeartMath-Coach-Rajesh-DavidRajesh David

My Specialty: Yoga, Health and Wellbeing, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Resilience- Building, and Stress-Reduction

Other services: seminars in Nada Yoga and Bhakti Yoga; music for meditation and relaxation

County: Ceredigion

Town: Lampeter

About Rajesh:

Born into a family of singers, I am a singer and composer with a background in Indian classical music. I am also a Yoga teacher, specialising in Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) and Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of the Heart). More.

Owain-GrevilleDr Owain Greville

My Specialty: Wellness advice

Other services: Wellness advice/ nutrition advice

Town: Cardiff

About Owain:

General Practitioner based in South East Wales (Cardiff). Experienced meditator with a keen passion in personal development/wellness, nutrition and biohacking. More


Lyn-PageLyn Page

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Heath & Wellbeing, Life/Career Change, Business consolidation, growth and development, Finance management and reporting

Other services: Growth Accelerator registered coach, Health & Wellbeing coach working in conjunction with a registered GP, Results Certified Coach (based on Neuroscience) Coach training programme management and facilitation, Budgeting, Cashflow forecasting, Business planning and forecasting, Management Accounts

Country: UK

Region: South West, West Midlands and Wales

County: Somerset

Town: Taunton

About Lyn:

Originally trained as an accountant, Lyn has worked in senior management teams implementing change, growing businesses, and managing people.

Working with global businesses, groups of companies (£100 million turnover) with multiple subsidiaries, profit centers, membership bodies, local businesses, sole traders and accounting practices. More


sarah-nightingale-heartmath-coachSarah Nightingale

My Specialty:  Elite Sport and Corporate Coaching, Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Clarity of Thinking, Team and Individual Dynamics, Personal Development, Transition Coaching, Communication Skills

Other services: Team Dynamics Coaching, Personal Performance Coaching, DISC Personality Profiling, Transition Coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South Wales

County: Caerphilly

Town: Cardiff

About Sarah:

I have over a decade’s experience of personal development coaching in the elite sport, education and corporate environments. I specialise in helping others to set and clarify objectives and achieve their goals whilst lowering stress and developing resilience. This is achieved through various coaching techniques, including the development of personality and communication style awareness. More


Sue MorganSue Morgan

My Specialty:  Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Teenagers; Couples, Weight Loss, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Life/Career Change, Sales etc.

– Emotional Freedom Technique Coach (EFT/Tapping)
– Weight Loss
– Working Through Relationship Breakup/Divorce

Other services:  Rejuvenation Therapies including:

– Natural Lift Acupressure Face Massage
– Seated Acupressure Back Massage
– Facial Exercises to achieve and All Natural Face and Neck Lift

Country: Wales

Region: South Wales

County: West Glamorgan

Town: Swansea

About Sue:
I specialise in natural rejuvenation techniques ranging from teaching facial exercises to achieve an all natural face and neck lift to hands on therapies including Natural Lift Face Massage and Seated Acupressure back massage to aid with lymph drainage. You really don’t need to spend a fortune to look younger! More


Siobhan HaynesSiobhan-Haynes

My Specialty:  Stress management and resilience building for all ages. Working with young people and families under pressure. Hormonal health. Using HeartMath solutions for managing stress, related issues and for increasing performance under pressure. A homeopathic view of holistic health. Autism Spectrum Condition.

Other services:  Homeopathy. Trainer. Life coaching. Stress management.

Country: Wales

Region: South Wales

Town: Swansea

About Siobhan:

Contact Details:

As a Homeopath and trainer for over 25 years, my work has encompassed all areas of health and health management including chronic and acute illness. My particular field of interest is how the mind and body work together with emphasis on reducing stress, thus maximising optimal health. More


Angela MorrisAnglea morris

My Specialty:  Stress Reduction and Resilience Building. Promoting health and wellbeing, Dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma. Performance anxiety. Weight management. Dealing with the symptoms of transition into menopause. Painful/irregular periods. Fertility issues. Addictions.

Other services: Acupuncture, including auricular (tiny needles inserted into outer ear) NADA protocol, acupressure, homeopathic medicine.

Country: Wales

Region: South Wales

County: Neathportalbot, West Glamorgan

Town: Neath

About Angela:
I have 30 years clinical experience. Using a combination of relaxation techniques, mainly derived from yoga training, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, massage and more recently HeartMath coaching. For 15 years I have worked with families that have experienced domestic abuse. I have held a fully enhanced DBS for adults and children for 15 years. More


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