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Tony Robbins once asked a friend to rate a run they had had on a scale of 1 to 10. His friend gave it a good rating, but it wasn’t a 10.

Tony asked him “What would make it a 10?”

His friend replied, “If we were running in sync, in a rhythm, maybe if we were both saying some sort of cadence, like they do in the military…”

To which Tony replied, “Why wait for after the run to decide how it was? Why don’t we set out on the run having that intention then?”

Inner Balance 5 Minute Session

Inner Balance 5 Minute Session

Often we’ll have an exciting experience, an awesome workout or game, a great day, a wonderful time with our partner or friends, but we wouldn’t have set out with that intention to begin with. We’ll have those experiences by default.

We don’t always take the steps to clear our head, check in with our feelings, and decide beforehand how we want to experience something.

We’ll bring our work home, and take our personal relationships to work.

Inner Balance 10 Minute Session

Inner Balance 10 Minute Session

Inner Balance™ Trainer is perfect for setting the intention for having a great day.

How easier does it get than spending 5 or 10 minutes in the morning before going to work, or in the evening before arriving home, to Prepare for the day, or Reset after a long, tough one?

What would that do for your work performance? Your creativity? Your ability to respond to challenges throughout the day? Your relationship with your partner or children when you come home at night?

This morning I woke up a little earlier, took 5 minutes out to enjoy the sunrise out on my balcony and (currently) a wind-free day in Cape Town, and felt Appreciation for so many wonderful things in my life. It felt so good I decided to “up” the challenge level and spend another 10 minutes feeling it. The images above are screenshots of my Inner Balance sessions.

I’ll be carrying this feeling with me throughout the day and into the weekend. What will you be carrying?

An old Buddhist parable:

Two monks are on their pilgrimage to the temple far away, when they come to a river that they must cross. At the water’s edge is a young woman, wanting to cross the river but scared to. The older monk offers to carry her across the water. In appreciation she accepts his offer, and climbs onto his back. All three cross the river. On the other side she dismounts, thanks him and hurries on on her way. The two monks continue their journey.

After a couple of hours of silence, the old monk turns to his young companion and says, “You’ve been very quiet since we crossed the river. Is anything the matter?”

The young monk replied, “Yes. You know it’s against our order to make contact with a woman, let alone pick her up and carry her. It’s forbidden. Why did you do that?”

The old monk slowly nodded his head. “Yes I know,” he replied. “You’re right. But I left her at the side of the river, and you’re still carrying her.”

imagesWhat will you be carrying today?

– Alan Strydom, Director HeartMath SA, Lead Trainer, 1:1 Provider & Coach

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