Provider & Coach Simon Savage

simon-savageSimon Savage

My Specialty: Leadership Development, Team Development, Performance Improvement

Other services: Executive Coaching, NLP, Leadership Development / Management Training, Collaborative Working

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and South East

County: Bucks

Town: High Wycombe

About Simon:

Have you ever:
•    Been affected by a lack of a clear focus and drive?
•    Suffered from stress or conflict?
•    Had difficulty getting your point across?
•    Thought that your team could work better?

Simon is skilled at helping clients to cut-through the surface symptoms and isolate the root causes of their issues. Adept at building trust, Simon takes a pragmatic and supportive approach to his coaching. He is practiced in a wide range of methodologies enabling him to blend and adapt his approach to each specific situation to help his clients tackle their issues quickly and effectively.

Simon is mindful of the issues faced by his clients having been faced with a lot of them himself during his 23 year career as a Royal Air Force Engineering Officer. His experience of leading diverse teams across a variety of roles and circumstances has been further enhanced through spending 8 years in the consulting sector working with individuals and organisations to improve their performance.
A key starting point for Simon is ‘purpose’. He feel that ensuring that personal purpose is in step with team goals, roles and objectives is key to enabling people to explore new ways of releasing their full performance potential.

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Mobile: 07999 596 279