Provider & Coach Sarah Odling

Sarah-OdlingSarah Odling

My Specialty: Stress Management – for adults, adolescents, teenagers and children, Heartmath 1 on 1 provider, Nutrition Therapy

Other services: Meditation and relaxation for children, Meditation, EFT, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands

County: Lincolnshire

Town: Lincoln

About Sarah:

I am deeply passionate about helping people achieve the life that they want and deserve. I address stress in individuals’ lives and how to manage it – Heartmath coaching is now fundamental in this process, in combination, when necessary, with nutrition and wellbeing therapies.

I also work with children encouraging good practices for stress management in a fun and exciting way.

Nutritional therapy is used with families and individuals, including children, to help them to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce problems such as:

•    Bad sleep patterns
•    ADHD
•    General behavioural issues
•    Stress
•    Obesity
•    Special diets – diabetes, coeliac

I worked in a corporate environment for over 10 years and know first-hand the stress and pressure created by wanting to exceed targets set along with balancing a family – I have 4 children, and a husband who has his own successful business.

I have experienced a breakdown and the impact that has, not just on me but also the impact on the family – including the stress this has on the children.

Having now fully recovered, mended my children, marriage and totally changed my life (this includes setting up my own business), I feel my first-hand experience and recovery leaves me with tools and therapies to enable others to balance their lives, enabling them to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Contact Details:


Website: Under construction

Mobile: 07415 411836

Skype: Heartmath coaching is available by skype on request