Provider & Coach Kostas Kapelas

KostaKostas Kapelas

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building offered by Telephone, Skype or in person.
Mental and Physical Health & Vitality, Chronic Diseases & Pain Improvement/Reversal.
School/Family and Corporate Wellbeing Education/Training, Personal and Business Performance Transformation.

Other services: Kapelas Health & Vitality System™ a combination of over 10 health modalities and highly effective/potent Food State Supplements and Healing  Devices. (Kinesiology, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Scenar, Reiki, Nutrition, TFT, Theta Healing, Laser CLRT, Classical Buteyko Breathing)

Country: United Kingdom (and Europe wide)

Town: London (and Europe wide)

About Kostas:

Kostas Kapelas is a certified health practitioner, speaker, trainer and creator of the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™, which helps managers and business owners to improve their Personal and Business Performance by massively improving their health.

The system is a unique step-by-step process guiding you to 360° Health & Vitality in the fastest & easiest way possible.

The system allows Kostas to get into the root cause of his clients’ health problems rather than just the symptoms, which will keep them “hooked” on symptomatic medications for the rest of their lives…

Contact Details:



Mobile: 08456891231 or 07763986680

Skype: kostas.kapelas