Provider & Coach Julie Courtney

Julie CourtneyJulie Courtney

My Specialty: Specialist in Resilience building for individuals and organisations in financial and professional services

Other services: Change Transition Coaching, Trader Resilience Performance, Talent Resilience Development, Wellbeing Consultancy, Services (strategy, business case and solution development), Executive Coaching, Stress Solutions

Country: United Kingdom

Town: London

About Julie:

Founder of Atrium Synergies, Julie is a Consultant and Coach who specialises in High Performance and Stress Resilience solutions. An engaging and influential person, Julie combines her professional background with rich life experiences to deliver a unique coaching approach that enables her clients to transform all aspects of their lives from commercial results to improved relationships both in the workplace and at home.

Julie ensures her delivery of the Atrium Synergies programmes is challenging, playful and within the context of the client’s life. This ensures individuals are equipped with tools that can be accessed time and again regardless of the life situations. Speaking on the subject of Resilience recently Julie asked when does stretch become strain? “Personal Resilience is arguably the most important resource for coping well during challenging, high pressure or stressful times and more and more people are now recognising this. I am walking proof of how important a role this plays in our longer term health – overcoming the personal challenge of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder after a long-term period of stress in my personal life, I now lead a fully happy and healthy life and this is down to a strategy of building Resilience within the context of my life, work and family set up.”

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Mobile: 07872517109

Skype: atriumsynergiesperformancezone