Provider & Coach Julia Seymour

Julia-Seymour-HeartMath-CoachJulia Seymour

My Specialty:  Children, adolescents and parent support, emotional health and wellbeing, coaching.

Other services: Mindfulness/Three Principles Coaching, Psych-K, Flower Essence Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

County: Buckinghamshire

Town: Gerrards Cross, Chesham and London

About Julia:

I specialise in three areas:
– Conscious parenting and education/learning
– Joy, well-being and fulfilment
– Goals, projects and life purpose

I am a transformative and resilience coach working with clients who feel stuck, disempowered, directionless or anxious / overwhelmed. I work with mind, body and soul to help people take back control of their lives, emotional well-being and health.

I am passionate about working with parents of children on the ADHD/Autistic Spectrum, or those that just don’t fit the mould or who may be pushing back at the world they see. Through my own family, I understand first-hand how some children need different support and understanding to ensure that their unique personalities and ways of looking at the world are nurtured and encouraged, rather than discouraged or medicated. I also understand how difficult parenting children can be at times! I work with children and young adults both privately and in schools. I run a parenting network for shared support, ideas and treatment options.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked for 20 years as a Director/Trainer/Coach in top tier global Investment Banks before retraining to work in service of others. My professional background enables me to truly understand the difficulties of being a professional person or working parent in a demanding organisation.

I specialise in resilience and emotional well-being and I am a HeartMath Certified Coach, a Three Principles facilitator, a teacher of Mindfulness and a plant essences producer and practitioner.

I am a committed environmentalist and a huge lover of animals and I’m passionate about the protection of planet Earth, the future of humanity and our connection/re-connection to nature.
For more information about the work that I do and how I help others, please visit my website.

Contact Details:



Mobile: 07870 599960

Skype: juliaseymour1969