Provider & Coach Julia Seymour

Julia-Seymour-HeartMath-CoachJulia Seymour

My Specialty: Children, adolescents and parent support, personal health and wellbeing, corporate wellness focusing on stress management and peak performance in financial services and other professional industries.

Other services: Mindfulness/Three Principles Coaching, Psych-K, Flower Essence Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

County: Buckinghamshire

Town: Gerrards Cross, Chesham and London

About Julia:

I am a complementary health practitioner, specialising in three areas:

  • Corporate wellbeing, focusing on stress and performance management
  • Personal health and wellbeing, supporting clients with physical or emotional issues on their journey back to health
  • Helping children with ADHD type behavioural and emotional issues and providing parent support
    HeartMath is an integral part of my work with clients. Using HeartMath I can help you to reduce stress, fear and anxiety, increase resilience and emotional well-being (even in challenging situations) and think more clearly / problem solve under pressure.

I spent 19 years working in finance in the City and in 2010 I decided to make the switch into complementary medicine as it was a field I had always been fascinated in. This work, helping others, has been more rewarding than anything I have done before. Whilst I work primarily alone, I do collaborate with other fantastic health professionals at times, so that I can bring together expertise from a number of different areas to best meet the needs of my clients.

I started my work with children and their parents after one of my children was diagnosed with ADHD. I don’t believe you can understand how difficult it is to parent a child with behavioural or emotional issues, unless you have experienced this for yourself.

For more information about the work that I do and how I help others, please visit my website.

Contact Details:



Mobile: 07870 599960

Skype: juliaseymour1969