Provider & Coach Joy Gilson

Joy-GilsonJoy Gilson

My Specialty: Human Givens, PTSD, phobias, Autism/ Aspergers

Other services: Human givens therapy, given fast and proven relief from anxiety, trauma depression and other stress related difficulties

Psychology and Education of Children with SEN – particularly help with Families facing Tribunal to get help for their child

Qualified hypnotherapist

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East (Sussex)

Town: Brighton, and a monthly clinic in Hertford

About Joy:

With over a decade as owner and director of The Effective Therapy Centre In the UK and the recent addition of a therapy and stress relief Retreat Centre in Portugal, I can offer you the very latest interventions proven to be the most effective treatment for all stress related problems.

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Mobile:07939 137 057

Skype: Joy.gilson