Provider & Coach Josie Wood

Josie-WoodJosie Wood

My Specialty: Living from your Heart Workshops, Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Spirituality, Personal Development, Life Purpose, Life direction/career change, Depression, Trauma, Relationship issues, Anxiety, Body image, Low Self-esteem, Sleeping issues, Psychosomatic disorders.

Other services: Counselling, Coaching, Therapies, Healing

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North East, North West

County: Yorkshire

Town: Ilkley

About Josie:

With over 20 years experience of working as a counsellor, Life Coach and Therapist I have found the power of the heart to be the most pivotal influence in personal transformation. I have created the Heartful Life Coaching Programme to offer the benefits of fully living from the heart. This teaches how the heart is a healer, wise guide, sanctuary of peace, and source of resources that make like more fulfilling. My role as a Licensed HeartMath 1to1 Provider is central to this work.

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Mobile: (+44) 01943 839941