Provider & Coach Jill Savage

Gill-SavageJill Savage

My Specialty: Personal Development, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Life and Career transitions

Other services: Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Coach Training & Development, Leadership.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Manchester, London, and also nationally and internationally.

County: Yorkshire

Town: Sheffield

About Jill:

I am a professional coach, coach supervisor, leadership facilitator and founder of Osmosis Development since 2000.I am passionate about personal development, health and well-being so we can be the best version of ourselves and have the energy to deliver our own  life purpose. In recent years I have become aware of the phenomenal power of aligning our heart, mind and body, so we can consciously embody our own best selves. I am interested in the fields of mindfulness and neuroscience and am currently training with Professor Paul Brown on the latest research in this field.

I have my own regular meditation practice, work with compassion and heart energy with clients, so we can access our own power and wisdom. I have seen these tools, including HeartMath, benefit many of my clients in the corporate world here, internationally and for private clients who want to develop their personal well-being which involves working with transition and personal change.

I am also informed from the fields of clinical Transactional Analysis, N.L.P. and Solutions-Focussed psychology.

I am a professional and accredited coach with the Association for Coaching and an accredited coach supervisor with the Coaches Supervision Academy.  I have written a number of coaching articles and have been published in Coaching at Work.

Contact Details:


Mobile: +44(0)7977458036