Provider & Coach Jill Dunsford

Jill-DunsfordJill Dunsford

My Specialty: Stress reduction and resilience building, body/mind/spirit therapies, personal growth and spiritual awareness

Other services: Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, cellular memory healing, meditation

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West

County: Devon

Town: Topsham, Exeter

About Jill:

After 18 years as an N.H.S. physiotherapist I discovered that I needed to search outside the orthodox medical paradigm for therapies that were going to help me heal myself from M.E./C.F.S.  During this search I found HeartMath, one of several tools that I use on myself and to help others.

Having made a full recovery I believe that an integrated holistic approach is necessary in dealing with most if not all problems and diseases, and I bring a body/mind/spirit approach to help people become resourceful and heal themselves.

Contact Details:


Mobile: 07 747 758 554