Provider & Coach Gwyneth Wesley Rolph

Gwyneth-Wesley-RolphGwyneth Wesley Rolph

My Specialty: Personal Development, Peak Performance, Cognitive Enhancement, Supporting the needs of the exceptionally & profoundly gifted in the workplace and in higher education

Other services: Study and Memory Skills, Biofeedback-assisted Study Debug, Communication Skills, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) and Applied Metapsychology for stress relief and personal ability enhancement, Life Consulting

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

County: Middlesex

Town: Enfield

About Gwyneth:

I am particularly interested in peak performance and maximizing personal potential, so I coach with that in mind. I have a background in training and self-development counselling, so in addition to biofeedback I also offer study and self-development training and coaching. A specialty is coaching and counselling people with very high intelligence whose formal educational needs were not met, as I understand the problems it causes in the workplace.

I am also a mature student, currently doing a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. As such, I am able to relate the science of biofeedback to its application in a coaching setting.


Contact Details:



Mobile: 07757 985333

Skype: gwyneth.rolph