Provider & Coach Francis Raven-Vause

Francis Raven-VauseFrancis Raven-Vause

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Performance Coaching, Personal Development, Relationship management, Mentoring

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching, NLP therapies, Personal effectiveness training

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South/South West

County: Dorset

Town: Wimborne

About Francis:

Francis is an experienced entrepreneur, coach and HeartMath one to one provider.  A Director in both Heartled Wellbeing and Raven-Vause Consultants he uses his considerable communication skills in combination with rich life experience to work with you, helping you focus on your inner strengths. Develop greater personal resilience and learn how to clear your way ahead.  A master practitioner of NLP, Francis works to help others achieve their goals through focused coaching and mentoring.

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Contact Details:



Mobile: 07831 329 040

Skype: francis.raven.vause

Twitter: @raven-vause