Provider & Coach Francesca Mastrojanni

Francesca-MastrojanniFrancesca Mastrojanni

My Specialty: Personalised health management and prevention, weight loss.

Other services: Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy

Country: UK

Region: London

Town: London

About Francesca:

My work as a nutritional therapist enables me to provide support for the physical/biochemical aspect of resilience and stress management as well as the mental/emotional aspect offered through HeartMath techniques, allowing for a comprehensive approach to increasing resilience in the interest of long term health.

I develop nutritional and lifestyle plans to help address existing health issues as well as promote ongoing health and wellbeing from the standpoint of prevention (including, importantly, the management of stress). My approach is highly personalised with the recognition that we are all very unique individuals with very unique requirements. My HeartMath training enables me to address the “emotional diet” as well as food in the promotion of health, as this is relevant to most individuals. This enables a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, in which chemical/emotional/mental aspects very much go hand in hand.

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Mobile: 07932 020 216

Skype: francy.mastrojanni