Provider & Coach Felicity Mills

Felicity Mills

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building.

Other services: Our partnership also specializes in Sports Performance Coaching, coaching for Golf Tour players on all major tours and international and county squads.
We also provide Hypnotherapy and Life Skills coaching.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands and West Midlands

County: Staffordshire

Town: Uttoxeter

About Felicity:

I am a HeartMath 1:1 Provider.  I hope to help you share the tools that myself and others are using to reduce your stress and fatigue, enhance your performance,increase your vitality, boost your overall sense of well-being and develop your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure. I have come to these tools after seeking a practical and scientifically proven approach to stress management. I have worked for many years in the corporate world owning my own promotional products company and have also been a long term carer for my parent who had Lewy Body Dementia. Both these positions are potentially very stressful ones and without using stress management techniques would have been so much more challenging. I would like to help you to experience less stress, enhanced performance and more well-being in your life. Thank you for taking the time to find out about me.

Contact Details:


Mobile: 07973 425706