Provider & Coach Dr Catherine Mia Larkin

catherine-larkinDr Catherine Mia Larkin

My Specialty: My work mission is to empower people to enjoy better health. Holistic healing practices, working on a emotional, physical and spiritual realm, facilitate our ability and wish to become more responsible for maintaining the level of health that we desire.
With my background training in Western Medicine my strong desire is to work as a bridge between this alternative path to health and the mainly drug-based orthodox modality.

Other services: HeartMath, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Egoscue Method, Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Country: Ireland

Town: Sandymount, Dublin 4

About Catherine:

I started to study Acupuncture soon after it cured a disorder I suffered with my circulation that Western Medicine has no remedy for. The holistic nature of this ancient method of healing, in time, led me to delve into the many other alternative disciplines that I studied and now practise.

‘It is the great error of our day that in the treatment of the human body physicians separate the soul from the body’  PLATO

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Mobile: +353 1 2600826

Skype: catherine.larkin