Provider & Coach Deborah Morel M.A.

Ei World-deborah_morelDeborah Morel M.A.

My Specialty: Senior Consultant, EI World. Leadership, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Diversity and inclusion, Executive Development, Organisational change and transformation, Employee engagement,  Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Human Resources, Talent management, Employee Value Proposition/internal branding.

Other services: NLP, MBTI 1 and 2, Spiral Dynamics (personal change and growth), Henley Registered Coach, Emotional Intelligence Development Programmes, Emotional Intelligence assessments using Team Emotional Intelligence Survey and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire.

Country: Global (from a UK base) – have worked on projects in over 37 countries

Region: South East, London

County: London

Town: Ealing (West London)

About Deborah:

Organisational and Human Resources Development Consultant, supporting individuals at all levels of an organisation within the private, third sector and public sectors including international governmental bodies, the NHS and across all sectors of business.

An experienced facilitator, mentor and coach, experienced in design and delivery of both large group and small team interventions. Skilled at careful design of the learning process and the ability to work with change and transformation.

International Director/senior management experience, supporting complex projects that require cultural and workplace adaptations across countries such as the U.S., Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Deborah has expertise in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Diversity, Leadership and Networking and has worked with organisations that are transitioning into social enterprises and employee led mutuals. She has written, produced and presented current affairs segments for television. Deborah has been an editor for the Open University Management series and is currently on the Board of Trustees of Burrswood Hospital.

Deborah is passionate about value-driven learning for the individual and the organisation, and testimonials support her pragmatic approach and her ability to listen and engage individuals with the real issues.

Part of the Ei World team since 2007, focused on organisational application of HeartMath tools and techniques.

We are a long-established provider of cutting-edge Emotional Intelligence initiatives, helping world-class organisations build competitive advantage, through focused and timely investment in key individuals and teams across 37 countries.

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Mobile: Try office number first 01525-840090 (or mobile 07961-371447 if you don’t reach me first time)

Skype: dmorel1