Provider & Coach Dean Howes

Dean HowesDean Howes

My Specialty: Leadership, Academic Performance, Sporting Performance, Life/Career Change, Anxiety and Panic, Personal Development, Bonding and Attachments, Relationships, Communication, Spiritual Awareness, Transpersonal Psychology

Other services: Academic Consultancy, Transpersonal Leadership Training, Mindfulness Coaching, Life Coaching, Academic Tutoring, Psychological and Spiritual Courses, Communication Training

Country: United Kingdom

Region: West Midlands

County: Warwickshire

Town: Warwick

About Dean:

I have worked as a teacher, a consultant to schools, a lecturer, an academic tutor and a coach for many years. I have a background in Psychology and am a specialist in human performance, spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. At the University of Warwick I have held the position of Certificate Director for courses in Sport Psychology, Consciousness, Work Psychology and Mindfulness. I have also led many private courses for a variety of groups.

I delight in helping people develop and achieve in whatever task or area they desire. From my studies and research I have an extensive understanding of the barriers that people face to development and adopt a pragmatic yet sensitive approach to them. I have faced and manage my own stress and health issues as well as performing at high levels.  I have also had many ‘peak’ experiences and have engaged in many challenging episodes in my life, such as walking part of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route alone and embarking upon a prolonged period of fasting and retreat.  My style of coaching is very relational and I enjoy sharing life’s journey with the people I work with, whether it be individuals, groups or organisations.

Contact Details:


Mobile: 07751354216

Skype: dean-howes