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charles_galeCharles Gale

My Specialty: Senior Consultant, EI World. Leadership, Sales Development, Marketing Effectiveness, Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence, Life/Career Change, Personal Development, SME development.

Other services: Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Development Programmes, Research projects, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Accredited in Team Emotional Intelligence Survey and individual Emotional Intelligence assessment.

Country: Global (from a UK base) – have worked on projects in over 37 countries

Region: East Midlands, South East

County: Hertfordshire

Town: Hitchin / Ampthill

About Charles:

Charles is an international consultant focused on sales, marketing, influence, effective communication and emotional intelligence.

Central to his approach is the application of insight from the behavioural sciences to ensure that strategies, messaging and communication approaches are effective, influential and fully engage the intended audience.

The role of HeartMath is the tactical and practical understanding of how to be coherent in personal communication and influencing. He has an in-depth understanding of how HeartMath can help in business particularly with leaders.

Charles has 20 years experience working in a variety of UK and international roles with companies such as SmithKline Beecham, GSK and AstraZeneca, including 15 years in Sales and Marketing Director roles and leading international subsidiaries working across a range of geographies and business sectors.  This includes projects in technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, Consumer and FMCG sales and marketing, giving him a practical edge in using HeartMath tools.

Charles has been involved in emotional intelligence since the founding of EI World in 1999 and he was among the very first practitioners to be accredited in emotional intelligence assessment.  Charles has worked on a number of large scale change initiatives using emotional intelligence based approaches in top team mentoring and in improving team performance and effectiveness.

Contact Details:


Website: www.eiworld.orgh

Mobile: Try 01525-840090 first (or mobile 07877-257780 if you don’t reach me first time)

Skype: charlesgale1