Provider & Coach Barbara Pidgeon

Barbara-Pidgeon-HeartMath-CoachBarbara Pidgeon

My Specialty: I help people who want to transform their lives and to truly realise their potential in whatever direction that happens to be. I have worked in particular with troubled youngsters; stressed business professionals; athletes; and anyone struggling to effectively control their weight.

Other services: I believe that we are all unique, I offer tailor made programmes for people  that pull on my wide portfolio of skills. I am a post graduate Transpersonal Psychologist, trained yoga teacher, CBT counsellor, Nutritionist and Functional Diagnostic Practitioner. I also have a wide experience in leading large scale business transformation projects.

I primarily focus on the two key variables in life that we can most effectively control i.e. how we breathe and what we eat. With these two factors working in harmony, life becomes magic.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

County: London

Town: London

About Barbara:

Having personally benefited from the positive and transformative impact of conscious breathing I gave up a successful business career to make a difference in peoples’ lives. I am totally committed to putting a stop the continuously rising trend in diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, stress, anxiety and other debilitating illnesses that have become the norm in our modern world.

I am deeply committed to integrating the esoteric and scientific aspects of life and I see HeartMath as a key tool in this quest. First and foremost, however, I work continuously on my own personal development to be the best that I can be.

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Mobile: +44 7501 976893

Skype: barbarapidgeon