Provider & Coach Ash Nehmet

HeartMath-Coach-Ash-NehmetAsh Nehmet

My Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson’s, and Autism
With HeartMath in conjunction with neurofeedback, for sports performance

Other services: Neurofeedback and Occupational Therapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North East

County: Tyne & Wear

Town: Newcastle upon Tyne

About Ash:

My wife and I have started Neurowave, which is a neurofeedback and HeartMath practice. She has worked for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist for 25 years, whereas my background is in Engineering and Technology.

Our twin aims are to bring progress to those conditions which otherwise get very little, such as Autism and Parkinson’s, and bring peak performance to high achievers.

Contact Details:



Mobile: 07971 433880

Skype: neurowave