Provider & Coach Amarjot Bhogal

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My Specialty:  Creating clarity for individuals who feel stuck, through my one-on-one and group work

Other services: Building and delivering resilience coaching and programmes for individuals and organisations; empowerment and clarity workshops and courses for women through listening to your body, syncing with your cycle and creating balance in your life; storytelling through Colour Analysis to help you build your current story and way forward.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and South East

County: London

About Amarjot:

I am an Energy Coach, a Storyteller, a Writer and an aspiring Author…a Becomer.

I work with you, or those in your organisation, when you feel ‘stuck’, show you how to connect with and activate your ‘superpowers’, so you feel empowered make the right choices for your life.  My work is deep and powerful, and it is my passion and skill set to work in this way.

I create resilience programmes that fit with you on an individual or group basis, and through the journey, you will build physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and strength. You will learn how to recognise and respond to stress.

I also have a passion for working with women through my Shine coaching and workshop programmes. I show you how to ‘de-clutter’ physically, mentally and emotionally; re-connect to the power of listening to your body so you can enjoy being who you are and synchronising with your monthly cycle.

My storytelling work comes in the form of talks in sharing my life learnings, and also telling you your story through the world of Colour, which gives you clarity and insight into what you might want next for yourself.

Having been through much personal and professional change throughout my life, having cancer allowed me to review my life and purpose, and create positive change.  My purpose is to help others create their own positive choices, always strive for their best potential, whilst taking care of what is important to them.

My previous professional career spans over a decade in global operational, leadership, finance, change and project roles within internationals organisations.

I have a close family including two nieces and a nephew.  Time with loved ones is precious to me and I appreciate the tremendous effort, dedication and love it takes to raise children.

I have a passion for learning and developing myself; building experiences both internally and externally whether it be through travelling the world, being with trees and nature, nutrition and health.  I enjoy challenging the status quo when it comes to health and medication.

Contact Details:


Mobile: 07956 906 168

Skype: amarjot.bhogal