Provider & Coach Amanda Bucklow

Amanda-BucklowAmanda Bucklow

My Specialty: Leadership, Conflict Coaching, Career Change, Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Personal Development

Other services: Mediation, Conflict coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London, North East

County: London, North Yorkshire

Town: London, Harrogate

About Amanda:

My core specialism is commercial mediation and conflict resolution. Over the last twenty years I have helped resolve some very difficult disputes and because of the confidentiality around mediation, I cannot discuss the details of the cases with others. That can be very stressful and difficult to manage.

Stress inhibits high performance, tolerance, resilience and good communication. These are all key attributes for a mediator. Equally, they are core attributes for leaders and people dealing with difficulties in business and in life generally. Confidence and self-awareness are key to developing and maintaining these attributes and getting what you need out of life. HeartMath has been a part of my personal practice for nearly 15 years and I owe a great deal to this truly effective method for building resilience, improving performance and managing the effects of stress.

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Mobile: 07976 924995

Skype: facilit8