Provider & Coach Alex Redaelli

Alex-RedaelliAlex Redaelli

My Specialty: To create sacred containers where safety, community and connection did most of the heavy lifting.

True seeker of effective solutions that can improve the quality of everyone’s life and give new meaning and clarity to existence. I mean owning the particular flavour and blend of knowledge, energy, caring, and experience. Ability to positively surprise, confidentiality, gentleness and warmth.

Other services: Author, Speaker, Educator

Country: Benelux, U.K., Italy

Town: Luxembourg, London, Milan

About Alex:

I worked for most of my life in interior architecture field, in construction and industrial design.

I have always been attracted by everything that is considered sacred, and particularly fascinated by science and spirituality. These interests and passion have become in recent years a full time job. I have studied Theosophy and qualified getting a Diploma at the Theosophical Society in England, I continue as a student of the metaphysical “School of Remembering” of Drunvalo Melzichedek and I am passionate about Yoga and Tibetan practices. Significant experiences with shamans and experts in esoteric sciences brought me to discover the study of Theology and subtle worlds.

Metaphysic drew me to the study of physic and Quantum mechanical.

HM theories are very close to truth of Yoga, meditations and Spirituality with a modern and understandable language.

They said about me that I have a wonderful way of connecting with others, that I am a true empathic listener, that they always feel I understand clearly and listen consciously.

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Mobile: +352 621 16 58 96

Skype: Redaelli.alex1