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Hugh RusselHugh Russel

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building. Leadership Development, Whole Brain Creativity and Problem Solving, Performance Strategies in Sport, Personal Development, Building Spiritual Intelligence.

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching, NLP personal effectiveness and performance coaching, Time Line therapy, Management Training including Whole Brain Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation skills and Presentation Skills.

Country: Northern Ireland

Town: Larne

About Hugh:

As a former university lecturer and senior management consultant with the Public Service Training Council Hugh Russell has over 35 years experience in learning and development. The last 19 years he has been self employed working as a freelance trainer and coach.

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Joy-GilsonJoy Gilson

My Specialty: Human Givens, PTSD, phobias, Autism/ Aspergers

Other services: Human givens therapy, given fast and proven relief from anxiety, trauma depression and other stress related difficulties

Psychology and Education of Children with SEN – particularly help with Families facing Tribunal to get help for their child

Qualified hypnotherapist

Country: United Kingdom

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Jan-BrauseJan Brause

My Specialty: Mental Toughness, Mindfulness and Career Transition.

Other services: Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Coach Training & Development and Facilitation Skills

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North East, North West and also work nationally and internationally

County: West Yorshire

Town: Leeds

About Jan:

I am a professional coach, coach supervisor and highly skilled facilitator with many years’ successful experience in Personal and Corporate Development. I had worked as an HR Specialist then Consultant and Coach across both the public and private sector before deciding to work for myself in 2002.

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Dominic Fisher

My Specialty: HeartMath 1 on 1 Provider, Optimal Health and Fitness through personalized focused nutritional approaches and Holistic Lifestyle coaching, Master Personal Trainer specializing in Weight loss, hormonal optimization, Corrective exercise and sport specific conditioning, Metabolic typing, nutritional planning and real time dietary analysis, Bioregulatory and Bioresonance Medicine Therapies

Other services: Bootcamp instructor, Group Exercise specialist

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

Town: Dartford

About Dominic:

I am the founder and Director of 3Dom Fitness, a Holistic Lifestyle Company dedicated to the mission of mastering individual health through mastery and dedication on one’s self. I provide a holistic mentorship to my clients, taking them on a carefully goal driven journey which incorporates nutritional optimization, specialist corrective exercise and Holistic lifestyle changes which are combined and directed to develop the individual’s awareness of their own self management potential towards their own development of optimal health, fitness, longevity and vitality.

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Dinah-LawsonDinah Lawson

My Specialty: Spiritual awareness, Mindfulness

Other services: Subtle Energy Healing, teaching to meditate

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South

County: Hampshire / West Sussex

Town: Havant

About Dinah:

I have been teaching both meditation and subtle energy healing in England, North America, Germany, Poland, and Holland.

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Sarah-PerrottSarah Perrott

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Leadership, Team Coaching, Career Coaching, Personal Development

Other services: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Team coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and South

Town: Fulham (London)

About Sarah:

Sarah Perrott has 25 years’ experience working with senior executives. This combines career coaching, management and leadership development and team building. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development and fully accredited with the British Psychological Society, a certified NLP practitioner and a licensed HeartMath provider.

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Mark-BaptistMark Baptist

My Specialty: Leadership and High Performance Development, Strengths Building, 360 profiling, Lifestyle assessment, Creativity and Innovation

Other services: Leadership Training, Organisational Development and Culture Change

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and South West

County: Bath and NE Somerset

Town: Bath Spa

About Mark:

Mark Baptist delivers personal and organisational improvement using his 20+ year business experience. This has included senior operational roles within finance & marketing, the successful and lasting implementation of complex culture change programmes, strategy development for SMEs and operating as a team coach/mentor.

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Dr.-Maya-SpencerDr. Maya Spencer

My Specialty: Personal Development, Optimal Health, Spiritual Awareness

Other services: Hypnotherapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West

County: Somerset

Town: Taunton

About Maya:

Maya brings to HeartMath coaching a broad experience of working with people from all walks of life, as an NHS Consultant in Mental Health. Since retiring from medical practice in 2010, she has blended her medical background with complementary approaches to develop herself as a Wellness Consultant, Mindfulness Teacher and HeartMath Provider.

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Amanda PriestleyAmanda Priestley (Tabono Ltd)

My Specialty: Corporate HR Consultancy, Employment Law and Employee Relations advice, HR Projects & Change Management, Creativity & Innovation, Performance, HR Support for small businesses, Management Training

Other services: Executive Coaching, NLP Coaching, Team Facilitation & Coaching, Career Coaching, FIRO B practitioner

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West (including South Wales) / London & Home Counties

County: Wiltshire

Town: Devizes (Swindon)

About Amanda:

I am a CIPD qualified HR Professional and NLP Practitioner and Coach. I live near Devizes in Wiltshire but travel widely across the UK and Europe as needed by my customers who range from large corporate organizations to SMEs and individuals.

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Julie-Pone Julie Pône

My Specialty: Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Life/Career change, Relationships

Other services: Coaching, PSYCH-K®, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Reflexology

Country: Republic of Ireland

Region: Dublin

County: Dublin

Town: Dublin

About Julie:

I am french, I have been a holistic practitioner since 2002, after discovering the benefits of Reiki to relieve back pain after a horse riding accident. After moving to Ireland I have trained in more hands-on healing modalities, including massage and reflexology.

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Julie CourtneyJulie Courtney

My Specialty: Specialist in Resilience building for individuals and organisations in financial and professional services

Other services: Change Transition Coaching, Trader Resilience Performance, Talent Resilience Development, Wellbeing Consultancy, Services (strategy, business case and solution development), Executive Coaching, Stress Solutions

Country: United Kingdom

Town: London

About Julie:

Founder of Atrium Synergies, Julie is a Consultant and Coach who specialises in High Performance and Stress Resilience solutions. An engaging and influential person, Julie combines her professional background with rich life experiences to deliver a unique coaching approach that enables her clients to transform all aspects of their lives from commercial results to improved relationships both in the workplace and at home.

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Ian-TraynarIan Traynar

My Specialty: Using HeartMath solutions for increasing performance under pressure, and managing stress. An osteopathic view of holistic health. Postural care. Personal Development. Releasing Entelechy (discovering ones path & potentiality). Spiritual Awareness.

Other services: Osteopathy, Life Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Stress Policies for HR departments

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South, South East, London, South West

County: Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset

Town: Southampton

About Ian:

I’m the proud father of four extraordinary and success children in their chosen field. Over the years I’ve qualified as a PE teacher, outdoor-pursuits instructor, professional musician, stress management consultant, and osteopath. I love the arts and have even lectured on the importance of art as a vital part of a civilised culture at university level; I’m a semi-pro photographer and an accomplished sailor. However I have also known huge heartbreak, loss and pain.

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Francis Raven-VauseFrancis Raven-Vause

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Performance Coaching, Personal Development, Relationship management, Mentoring

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching, NLP therapies, Personal effectiveness training

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South/South West

County: Dorset

Town: Wimborne

About Francis:

Francis is an experienced entrepreneur, coach and HeartMath one to one provider. A Director in both Heartled Wellbeing and Raven-Vause Consultants he uses his considerable communication skills in combination with rich life experience to work with you, helping you focus on your inner strengths.

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June-MitchellJune Mitchell

My Specialty: Therapy and Training.
Stress Reduction and Resilience building, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Fears and Phobias, Emotional Trauma, Relationship Issues, Eliminating unwanted Habits and Behaviours, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Confidence Building, Personal Development and Personal Success Coaching.

Other services: Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, Training.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Yorkshire

County: West Yorkshire

Town: Leeds and Bradford

About June:

I currently work within mental health complementary therapy using a variety of therapeutic interventions. I offer services privately to people with a wide range of clinical problems and issues, and I also provide training for the public health care and community sector.

As a therapist I work from The Orchard in Leeds (private complementary therapy centre) and The Yorkshire Haven (charity based complementary therapy programme for people with breast cancer).

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Felicity Mills

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building.

Other services: Our partnership also specializes in Sports Performance Coaching, coaching for Golf Tour players on all major tours and international and county squads.
We also provide Hypnotherapy and Life Skills coaching.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands and West Midlands

County: Staffordshire

Town: Uttoxeter

About Felicity:

I am a HeartMath 1:1 Provider. I hope to help you share the tools that myself and others are using to reduce your stress and fatigue, enhance your performance,increase your vitality, boost your overall sense of well-being and develop your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure. I have come to these tools after seeking a practical and scientifically proven approach to stress management.

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Andrew-HollandAndrew Holland

My Specialty: Corporate and Individual Stress Management and Performance Coaching.

Other services: Executive Coaching, Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. Leadership and Management Training, Graduate and Apprenticeship programmes.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West

County: Devon and Cornwall

Town: Plymouth/Saltash

About Andrew:

I am a specialist in Stress Management and Performance Coaching, providing support to corporate and individual clients who wish to improve their team or personal performance. I have an holistic approach allowing you to get to the route cause of your stress and limiting beliefs to create balance and develop the inner strength to manage your day to day life and accomplishment of your goals, leading to a more compelling and desirable future.

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Gill-SavageJill Savage

My Specialty: Personal Development, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Life and Career transitions

Other services: Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Coach Training & Development, Leadership.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Manchester, London, and also nationally and internationally.

County: Yorkshire

Town: Sheffield

About Jill:

I am a professional coach, coach supervisor, leadership facilitator and founder of Osmosis Development since 2000.I am passionate about personal development, health and well-being so we can be the best version of ourselves and have the energy to deliver our own life purpose. In recent years I have become aware of the phenomenal power of aligning our heart, mind and body, so we can consciously embody our own best selves. I am interested in the fields of mindfulness and neuroscience and am currently training with Professor Paul Brown on the latest research in this field.

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Paul-KingPaul King

My Specialty: Executive Coaching, Performance, Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, Somatic Intelligence, Sports.

Other services: Executive and Business Coaching, NLP Coaching and Training, Somatic Coaching, Leadership Embodiment, Leadership Development & Culture Change, Sports Coaching, Feldenkrais Method (movement re-education).

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South, South West, London, Midlands, South Wales (Have homes in Wiltshire and south west Wales and I am happy to travel as I do with my other work).

County: Wiltshire

Town: Devizes

About Paul:

I have been working as a self employed coach, consultant and trainer for 25 years. Prior to that I worked for Deloittes and PWC. Ten years ago I established The Beyond Partnership Ltd, a leading edge coaching and training consultancy. Clients come from the private, public and third sectors and are primarily senior executives and business owners, plus private individuals and people involved in sports.

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Julia-Seymour-HeartMath-CoachJulia Seymour

My Specialty: Children, adolescents and parent support, emotional health and wellbeing, coaching.

Other services: Mindfulness/Three Principles Coaching, Psych-K, Flower Essence Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

County: Buckinghamshire

Town: Gerrards Cross, Chesham and London

About Julia:

I specialise in three areas:
– Conscious parenting and education/learning
– Joy, well-being and fulfilment
– Goals, projects and life purpose

I am a transformative and resilience coach working with clients who feel stuck, disempowered, directionless or anxious / overwhelmed. I work with mind, body and soul to help people take back control of their lives, emotional well-being and health.

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Lisa Brice

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Leadership, Personal Performance Coaching, HeartMath and Equine Facilitated Learning, Sales and Customer Service , NLP

Other services: NLP Training and Qualifications, Horses for Courses – Range of Equine Facilitated Learning Programmes, Leadership and Management Training Programmes, Coaching , Sales Training , Customer Service Training, Writing and delivering nationally recognised qualifications

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands

County: Northamptonshire

Town: Northampton

About Lisa:

I love my work as a trainer, executive coach and business consultant and am passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve their true potential. My mission is to support people to make positive changes in their lives, their relationships and their businesses.

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Owen-OakieOwen Okie

My Specialty: Health – I’m a Herbalist with an M.S. in Herbal Medicine, registered with the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Weight Management, Spiritual Awareness.

Other services: Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, Other-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Scotland

County: Moray

Town: Burghead

About Owen:

I have been studying and practicing herbal medicine since 2004 and have experience both in the clinic and in the field running herbal first aid stations at outdoor events. I have extensive outdoor experience and a broad knowledge of biology and botany, with a focus on medicinal plants. I have biology research experience, both in the field and in the lab.

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John-SimmonsDr John Simmons

My Specialty: Cardiac Coherence, Stress Management, Building Resilience, Chronic Lyme Disease, Inflammatory & Autoimmune Disorders, Weight Management.

Other services: Private General Practice, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London, South East

County: East Sussex

Town: Herstmonceux

About Dr John:

I qualified from UCL Medical School in 1996 and then pursued a career in General Practice. Along side this I have trained in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Heart Math and a variety of Energy based therapies.

My medical career has shown me the great benefits of conventional medicine but equally its failings in treating the causes of disease.

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Vassilis-ChantziarasVassilis Chantziaras

My Specialty: Life/Career Change, Leadership, Performance Management, Change Management, C-suite Sales.

Other services: Executive/Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Inspirational Leadership Training.

Country: Greece and Europe-wide

Town: Athens (and Europe-wide)

About Vassilis:

Transformation happens only if the individual | team | organization decides to do so. There is for everyone of us a moment in time, when we are ready to see our best self. If this is the case, then I am the ideal partner to accompany your transition.

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Dean HowesDean Howes

My Specialty: Leadership, Academic Performance, Sporting Performance, Life/Career Change, Anxiety and Panic, Personal Development, Bonding and Attachments, Relationships, Communication, Spiritual Awareness, Transpersonal Psychology

Other services: Academic Consultancy, Transpersonal Leadership Training, Mindfulness Coaching, Life Coaching, Academic Tutoring, Psychological and Spiritual Courses, Communication Training

Country: United Kingdom

Region: West Midlands

County: Warwickshire

Town: Warwick

About Dean:

I have worked as a teacher, a consultant to schools, a lecturer, an academic tutor and a coach for many years. I have a background in Psychology and am a specialist in human performance, spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology.

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Su O’HanlonSu O’Hanlon

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building: Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Performance coaching, Teenagers; Weight Loss, Personal Development, , Life/Career Change, Phobias, Anxieties, Addictions. Smoking Cessation

Other services: Executive Business and Life Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, Reiki practitioner, Time Empowerment Technique Practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Food Intolerance and Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Practitioner using Dietex Machine

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

County: Essex

Town: Braintree and Canary Wharf

About Su:

Su has a passion for empowering people to live fulfilled and more balanced lives. She believes in the importance in taking a Holistic view to Health, Wealth and Well Being. She is currently working in collaboration with the 20; 20 Healing Arts Centre in Canary Wharf as a consultant and a Health Management Program practitioner.

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Jackie-DavisJackie Davis

My Specialty: Leadership. Team Building, Effective Communication, Stress Management, Mindfulness

Other services: Business Building Advisor, 1 on 1 Heartmath Provider, Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming, Horse Assisted Educator

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South, South East

County: Herts, Beds, Cambs

Town: Hitchin

About Jackie:

Jackie has many years of experience and believes that life is about having fun.

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Louise-de-CauxLouise de Caux

My Specialty: Heart and Relationship Coach. Presence and Aliveness. Women’s Coaching and Workshops to help them rediscover who they are as a woman and embrace their aliveness and joy in life. Stress Reduction and Resilience Building

Other services: Human Resources Consultancy for SME’s, HR support for employees facing difficulties at work. Mediation. Executive/Life Coaching.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East

County: Cambridgeshire

Town: Ely

About Louise:

My background is in Human Resources working for large global companies where I experienced first-hand the soul-less atmosphere often found in today’s workplace.

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Amanda-BucklowAmanda Bucklow

My Specialty: Leadership, Conflict Coaching, Career Change, Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Personal Development

Other services: Mediation, Conflict coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London, North East

County: London, North Yorkshire

Town: London, Harrogate

About Amanda:

My core specialism is commercial mediation and conflict resolution. Over the last twenty years I have helped resolve some very difficult disputes and because of the confidentiality around mediation, I cannot discuss the details of the cases with others. That can be very stressful and difficult to manage.

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Sarah-OdlingSarah Odling

My Specialty: Stress Management – for adults, adolescents, teenagers and children, Heartmath 1 on 1 provider, Nutrition Therapy

Other services: Meditation and relaxation for children, Meditation, EFT, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands

County: Lincolnshire

Town: Lincoln

About Sarah:

I am deeply passionate about helping people achieve the life that they want and deserve. I address stress in individuals’ lives and how to manage it – Heartmath coaching is now fundamental in this process, in combination, when necessary, with nutrition and wellbeing therapies.

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colin-hudsonColin Hudson

My Specialty: Executive and Performance Coaching, Career Guidance and Direction, Individual and Team Development and Growth

Other services: One to one Executive Coaching, Team facilitation and development, MBTI, 16PF, BPS Level A and Level B, JCA Emotional Intelligence, Heartmath 1:1 Practicioner, EMCC member, Coaching Peak Performance, Resilience and working with Emotional Intelligence

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

County: Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire

Town: Milton Keynes

About Colin:

Over the last 8 years I have developed my own Executive Coaching and Peak Performance practice. I am also part time Director of Career Development at Cranfield School of Management. In my earlier career I worked for Centrica plc for over 20 years, holding board level positions in a number of group companies and have significant experience in Operations and General Management in the UK and Northern Europe.

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charles_galeCharles Gale

My Specialty: Senior Consultant, EI World. Leadership, Sales Development, Marketing Effectiveness, Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence, Life/Career Change, Personal Development, SME development.

Other services: Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Development Programmes, Research projects, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Accredited in Team Emotional Intelligence Survey and individual Emotional Intelligence assessment.

Country: Global (from a UK base) – have worked on projects in over 37 countries

Region: East Midlands, South East

County: Hertfordshire

Town: Hitchin / Ampthill

About Charles:

Charles is an international consultant focused on sales, marketing, influence, effective communication and emotional intelligence.

Central to his approach is the application of insight from the behavioural sciences to ensure that strategies, messaging and communication approaches are effective, influential and fully engage the intended audience.

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Ei World-deborah_morelDeborah Morel M.A.

My Specialty: Senior Consultant, EI World. Leadership, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Diversity and inclusion, Executive Development, Organisational change and transformation, Employee engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Human Resources, Talent management, Employee Value Proposition/internal branding.

Other services: NLP, MBTI 1 and 2, Spiral Dynamics (personal change and growth), Henley Registered Coach, Emotional Intelligence Development Programmes, Emotional Intelligence assessments using Team Emotional Intelligence Survey and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire.

Country: Global (from a UK base) – have worked on projects in over 37 countries

Region: South East, London

County: London

Town: Ealing (West London)

About Deborah:

Organisational and Human Resources Development Consultant, supporting individuals at all levels of an organisation within the private, third sector and public sectors including international governmental bodies, the NHS and across all sectors of business.

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KostaKostas Kapelas

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building offered by Telephone, Skype or in person.
Mental and Physical Health & Vitality, Chronic Diseases & Pain Improvement/Reversal.
School/Family and Corporate Wellbeing Education/Training, Personal and Business Performance Transformation.

Other services: Kapelas Health & Vitality System™ a combination of over 10 health modalities and highly effective/potent Food State Supplements and Healing Devices. (Kinesiology, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Scenar, Reiki, Nutrition, TFT, Theta Healing, Laser CLRT, Classical Buteyko Breathing)

Country: United Kingdom (and Europe wide)

Town: London (and Europe wide)

About Kostas:

Kostas Kapelas is a certified health practitioner, speaker, trainer and creator of the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™, which helps managers and business owners to improve their Personal and Business Performance by massively improving their health.

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Jennifer-RhuleJennifer Rhule

My Specialty: Cultural and leadership development, Personal Development, employee engagement, performance development and improvement

Other services: Organisation Development, Change leadership, business transformation Talent management/ Development, Coaching, management / leadership training development, Strategic Human Resources

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London / South East

County: Surrey

Town: Croydon

About Jennifer:

I am passionate about people and helping them to discover and develop their leadership potential. I have more than 20 year’s Organisational Development and Human Resource experience working with multicultural global organisations.

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Dr. Bill Young

My Specialty: Children and teenagers, stress reduction, resilience building, strengths and values

Other services: Mindfulness-based interventions, executive/life coaching, psychotherapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West, South, South East, London

County: Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent

About Bill:

I am a Medical Doctor, Paediatrician and Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with extensive training and experience in a variety of conventional therapeutic and coaching approaches as well as utilizing biofeedback (especially Heartmath), mindfulness, yoga and creative arts.

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Joanne-de-Diepold-BrahamJoanne de Diepold Braham

My Specialty: Working in a clinical setting with clients experiencing symptoms of stress and adrenal exhaustion, providing holistic and integrated care, assisting clients to move to a comfortable heart centered experience of life.

Other services: Osteopath and Ki Massage practitioner

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

County: East Sussex

Town: Forest Row and Heathfield

About Joanne:

Joanne has worked in the medical field for many years. Her interest in health and wellbeing began in the 1980s when she trained as a nurse. Following a degree in Social Anthropology with Psychology, she then trained in a Japanese massage system, which took her back into client-based work, and then led her to Osteopathy. In 2004, she achieved a first class honours degree from the European School of Osteopathy.

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Rodney-Adeniyi-JonesDr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Integrated Functional Medicine diagnosis and treatment, Mind-Body medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine

Other services: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulation; Microcurrent Electrotherapy; Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

County: London

Town: London

About Rodney:

After 10 years of hospital medicine, during which I specialized in diabetes and endocrinology, I moved out of the NHS and started a private practice in holistic and integrated medicine.

This involves using an individualized approach to find the unique obstacles to health, and unique resources for healing, in each person.

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Ulysses-deDieplodUlysses de Diepold

My Specialty: Working in a clinical setting with clients experiencing symptoms of stress and adrenal exhaustion, providing holistic and integrated care, assisting clients to move to a comfortable heart centered experience of life

Other services: Osteopath

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East and London

County: East Sussex

Town: Forest Row and Heathfield

About Ulysses:

Ulysses is a licensed HeartMath® 1:1 Provider, using his clinical skills to coach clients how to change their psycho-physiological responses to stress and anxiety.

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Geetu BharwaneyGeetu Bharwaney

My Specialty: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Talent Pool Development, High Performing Teams, Personal Development, Career Change, Diversity, Executive Development, Organisational Development, Emotional Intelligence, Human Resources, Change Management, Health Psychology

Other services: Design of systemic organisational interventions on emotional intelligence; Accreditation for practitioners in individual EI Assessments (Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire or TEIQue) and Team Emotional Intelligence Survey; psychometric assessments as part of individual and team coaching (BPS level B trained); research projects involving emotional intelligence; conference speaking, forming alliances for collaborative delivery of wide-scale projects; Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, NLP practitioner; registered executive coach with London Business School

Country: Global (from a UK base) – have worked on projects in over 37 countries

Region: London, East Midlands, South East

County: Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

Town: London, St Albans & Ampthill

About Geetu:

Geetu Bharwaney leads projects involving emotional intelligence and coaching across 37 countries including the UK. She uses HeartMath tools and emotional intelligence as a framework for peak performance and personal resilience.

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Jonathan-RennisonJonathan Rennison

My Specialty: Leadership development, Change management, Career management, Conflict, Stress Management and stress reduction, and Resilience Building. I work across all sectors but specialize in the voluntary and public sectors

Other services: Executive Coaching and Development, Personal Performance and Life Coaching, Team Building, Business Planning for Success and Coaching for Success in Fundraising

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and the South East, Midlands and the East of England.

County: Hertfordshire

Town: Harpenden

About Jonathan:

I have over 20 years’ experience of working in the education, voluntary and public sectors in a variety of roles. I taught Developmental, Organisational, and Cognitive Psychology in universities and third level colleges as well as working overseas in conflict and post-conflict countries and at a high level internationally, with government and non-governmental organisations.

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fiosfeasaRóisín Ní Chéileachair

My Specialty: Personal development, resilience and well-being: facilitating the body-mind psychotherapeutic processes of clients – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually; workforce performance management; stress-related issues; sound / energy relaxation therapy; individual and group process supervision and workshops

Other services: Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (therapeutic energy work). Certified Brennan Integrated Practitioner (personal & group process facilitation).
Certified Sound Therapist (Tibetan Bowls) with the Peter Hess Institute. Certified Hearmath 1:1 Provider

Country: Ireland

Region: Northern Ireland

County: Antrim

Town: Belfast (also Dublin)

About Róisín:

Along with my ongoing trainings and experience in therapy, I also have a background in Applied Communications in the corporate world (in management, broadcasting, drama, education).

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BarbarosBarbaros (Ros) Denlisoz (Tabono Ltd)

My Specialty: Coaching Young Adults, Exam Nerves, Driving Test Jitters, Creativity & Career Coaching

Other services: Performance Anxiety, Speech Writing, Public Speaking, Writers Block etc

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London & South West

County: Wiltshire

Town: Devizes, Chippenham, Salisbury, Trowbridge, Swindon, Bristol, Bath

About Ros:

Ros specialises in working with young adults to increase confidence and address anxieties around life events such as exam nerves, driving test jitters, phobias, public speaking/presentations.

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Sam ThorpeSam Thorpe

My Specialty: META-Health consultant in emotional root-cause-analysis of physical and psychological issues, specialist in trauma release and emotional well-being. Specialist in working with children and teenagers, eating disorders, anger and aggression. Also specialist in stress reduction in the workplace, worker engagement and workplace dialogue

Other services: Master Trainer in META-Health emotional root-cause-analysis, AAMET EFT Practitioner Trainer, AMT Advanced EmoTrance and EFT Master Trainer, Picture Tapping Techniques Trainer

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, Greater London Area, Midlands

County: East Sussex

Town: Brighton

About Sam:

Sami is a META-Health Master Practitioner and Master Trainer. She is a qualified AMT Advanced EmoTrance, Postitive EFT and EFT Master Trainer. She is also an NLP Master including Time Based Techniques and Hypnotherapy and a qualified practitioner in Advanced ColourMirrors, Advanced PSYCH-K, FasterEFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

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Lara Just HeartMath CoachLara Just

My Specialty: Depression, Trauma, Relationship issues, Anxiety, Stress, Body image issues, Mindfulness, Disordered eating, Substance Abuse, Self-neglect & Self-harm, Low Self-esteem, Lack of purpose, Sleeping issues, Lack of motivation, Sexuality, LGBT issues, Identity issues, Spirituality, Body-Mind-Spirit System imbalance, Psychosomatic disorders (see also:

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Central London & South West

About Lara:

Lara Just is an experienced UKCP accredited Psychotherapist, licensed HeartMath® provider and registered Coach with a special interest in mind-body interactions for mental and physical health and wellbeing. She has worked in her private practice since 2008, initially using different complementary health and healing approaches, including coaching, nutritional therapy and Reiki. She works with adults, young adolescents, children and corporate clients.

Utilising HeartMath® integratively within her clinic, Lara offers short or long term psychotherapy for a range of difficulties including depression, bereavement, trauma, anxiety, low self esteem, LGBT issues and relationship difficulties. Lara has developed a flexible way of working, including using hypno-psychotherapy, somato-sensory body work, Gestalt and psychodynamic approaches, mindfulness and NLP in a relational and down-to-earth way.

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Michelle OffordMichelle Offord

My Specialty: stress reduction & resilience building; personal development; spiritual growth; health & wellbeing, yoga

Other services: Project Manager for HR professionals and consultants, yoga teacher

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East

County: Kent

Town: London

About Michelle:

I am an HR Professional (member of the CIPD), working independently as a project manager for HR consultants and small businesses. Previously I worked directly for the Group HR Director in a global information services organisation responsible for HR processes and administration for the Board, HR Board reports, co-ordinator for the culture change programme, support role to the Group HRD with strategy planning.

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Lorna ClaytonLorna Clayton

My Specialty: Career Transition, Management Development, Personal Development

Other services: Executive Coaching, Maternity Coaching, Career Coaching. Team Building Workshops. Psychometric testing using MBTI, OPQ, 16PF

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Anglia and London

County: Essex

Town: Colchester

About Lorna:

With over 20 years in HR in the City, I have extensive experience in supporting people in high-pressure roles. As a qualified Coach and HeartMath provider, I am passionate about enabling people to take responsibility for their careers and take full control of their lives and their direction.

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ginny-dobsonGinny Dobson B Ed (Hons) RMN

My Specialty: Post Traumatic Stress Specialist, Cognitive Therapist, Europe Accredited EMDR Consultant and Supervisor, Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Supervisor, P/T Staff Counsellor Dorset Fire and Rescue Service

Other services: overcoming anxiety, combat stress, strengthening confidence, building better home and work relationships, improving work performance, managing exam nerves, releasing creativity, perfecting your sporting game. So that you ENJOY LIFE !

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South and South West

County: Dorset

Town: Dorchester and Wimborne

About Ginny:

I have a practical, science-based approach which is sensitive to individual client needs. The advantage of this approach is that it can deal with traumatic and other life events without delving into private matters.

After the important face to face meeting, it is possible to continue some of the programme using Skype and Facetime.

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simon-savageSimon Savage

My Specialty: Leadership Development, Team Development, Performance Improvement

Other services: Executive Coaching, NLP, Leadership Development / Management Training, Collaborative Working

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and South East

County: Bucks

About Simon:

Have you ever:
• Been affected by a lack of a clear focus and drive?
• Suffered from stress or conflict?
• Had difficulty getting your point across?
• Thought that your team could work better?

Simon is skilled at helping clients to cut-through the surface symptoms and isolate the root causes of their issues. Adept at building trust, Simon takes a pragmatic and supportive approach to his coaching.

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catherine-larkinDr Catherine Mia Larkin

My Specialty: My work mission is to empower people to enjoy better health. Holistic healing practices, working on a emotional, physical and spiritual realm, facilitate our ability and wish to become more responsible for maintaining the level of health that we desire.
With my background training in Western Medicine my strong desire is to work as a bridge between this alternative path to health and the mainly drug-based orthodox modality.

Other services: HeartMath, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Egoscue Method, Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Country: Ireland

Town: Sandymount, Dublin 4

About Catherine:

I started to study Acupuncture soon after it cured a disorder I suffered with my circulation that Western Medicine has no remedy for.

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HeartMath-Coach-Ash-NehmetAsh Nehmet

My Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson’s, and Autism
With HeartMath in conjunction with neurofeedback, for sports performance

Other services: Neurofeedback and Occupational Therapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North East

County: Tyne & Wear

Town: Newcastle upon Tyne

About Ash:

My wife and I have started Neurowave, which is a neurofeedback and HeartMath practice. She has worked for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist for 25 years, whereas my background is in Engineering and Technology.

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Zelda Di BlasiZelda Di Blasi

My Specialty: Health and Wellness, Life Coach, Performance, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Creativity and Innovation

Other services: Stress Management, Positive Psychology

Country: Ireland

County: Cork

Town: Kinsale

About Zelda:

I love to inspire people to fulfill their potential for health and happiness.

After a primary degree in psychology, I spent two years studying dance full-time and became passionate about health. I studied for a Masters in Health Psychology and a PhD in Health Sciences at the University of York. During that time, I trained in counseling, stress management and cognitive-behaviour therapy.

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Jill-DunsfordJill Dunsford

My Specialty: Stress reduction and resilience building, body/mind/spirit therapies, personal growth and spiritual awareness

Other services: Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, cellular memory healing, meditation

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West

County: Devon

Town: Topsham, Exeter

About Jill:

After 18 years as an N.H.S. physiotherapist I discovered that I needed to search outside the orthodox medical paradigm for therapies that were going to help me heal myself from M.E./C.F.S. During this search I found HeartMath, one of several tools that I use on myself and to help others.

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Deborah-Wiggens-HayDeborah Wiggins-Hay

My Specialty: HeartMath 1 on 1 trainer in Stress Reduction and Resilience Building; Disease & Health Coach with particular interest in Thyroid and other Endocrine diseases; Developing Creativity; Intuition and Innovation; Musical Performance (including developing healthy patterns of practice & releasing performance anxiety);
Breaking the bonds of Emotional Eating Patterns

Other services: EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, Birth Re-imprinting, Meta Health Coach, Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Crystal Moon Essences, Reflexology, Colour Reflexology, Biodynamic Energist

Country: United Kingdom

Region: West Midlands, South West England

County: Herefordshire, England (bordering Gloucestershire, England & Monmouthshire, Wales)

Town: Ross on Wye

About Deborah:

As a biodynamic Energist I believe that we are all intricately connected to each other and our planet. Within the Biology of our cells we carry the energy and patterns of our ancestors and the places that we (and they) have lived.

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HeartMath-Coach-Kathy-ToogoodKathy Toogood

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building. Leadership and Strengths-focused Leadership. Managing Talent. Personal Development. Team Development.

Other services: Executive coaching (over 3000 hours)
Management and leadership development
Team development and team coaching
Strengths focused leadership and team development
Managing talent and potential

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands, South East and London – although I work nationally and internationally

County: Bedfordshire

Town: Bedford

About Kathy:

I am an Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator demonstrating a practical approach to individual and leadership development, combined with an intuitive understanding of how to maximise people’s performance and sustain behavioural change.

My work focuses on helping leaders build strengths that will enable them to achieve high performance for themselves and through their teams.

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HeartMath-Coach-Rajesh-DavidRajesh David

My Specialty: Yoga, Health and Wellbeing, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Resilience- Building, and Stress-Reduction

Other services: seminars in Nada Yoga and Bhakti Yoga; music for meditation and relaxation

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Wales

County: Ceredigion

Town: Lampeter

About Rajesh:

Born into a family of singers, I am a singer and composer with a background in Indian classical music. I am also a Yoga teacher, specialising in Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) and Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of the Heart).

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Linda-Campling-HeartMath-CoachLinda Campling

My Specialty: Specialist in stress relief and resilience building training for professional and personal effectiveness in groups and on a 1-1 basis

Other services: Emotional health and well-being using various modalities to treat fears, anger management, anxiety, panic, phobias, overcoming public speaking nerves, stopping smoking, etc., aligning the heart, mind and body to achieve a balanced life

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East, London

Town: London and the Home Counties

About Linda:

I am a group trainer and a practitioner specialising in emotional health and well-being.  I am passionate about helping people to be the best they can be by helping them break patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them.

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Susannah LawsonSusannah Lawson

My Specialty: Holistic stress management using HeartMath techniques and nutritional therapy. Also specialises in infertility, women’s health issues and weight loss. Experienced in public speaking and presentations and delivering health programmes for businesses and other organisations.

Other Services: Nutritional therapist; Healthy eating coach; Subtle energy healing.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South

County: Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey

Town: Petersfield

About Susannah:

Susannah works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their health and wellbeing goals and feel more energised, positive and resilient. As a HeartMath practitioner, she draws upon a range of effective techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood. Using nutritional therapy, she can also identify biochemical imbalances that can underpin symptoms such as fatigue, depression, digestive issues, infertility and poor immunity and create bespoke programmes to restore equilibrium.

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NeelamNeelam Verma

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Management, Resilience Building, Personal Development and Performance, Time-management, Health and Well-being, NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer

Other services: Six Sigma, Business development, Relationships coaching, Internet dating coaching, Building income streams from residential property, Wealth coaching, Personality profiling

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and the East of England

County: Hertfordshire

Town: Bishops Stortford

About Neelam:

I have worked in the public and private sectors including large blue chip organisations in the IT and accountancy industries for over 20 years. Having followed the same patterns in my life I became frustrated with not moving forward towards achieving my goals so I decided to undertake various training programmes in coaching, business growth, leadership management, personal development, psychology and stress management.

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Amarjot Bhogalamarjot-bhogal-heartmath-coach

My Specialty:  Creating clarity for individuals who feel stuck, through my one-on-one and group work

Other services: Building and delivering resilience coaching and programmes for individuals and organisations; empowerment and clarity workshops and courses for women through listening to your body, syncing with your cycle and creating balance in your life; storytelling through Colour Analysis to help you build your current story and way forward.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London and South East

County: London

About Amarjot:

I am an Energy Coach, a Storyteller, a Writer and an aspiring Author…a Becomer.

I work with you, or those in your organisation, when you feel ‘stuck’, show you how to connect with and activate your ‘superpowers’, so you feel empowered make the right choices for your life.  My work is deep and powerful, and it is my passion and skill set to work in this way.

I create resilience programmes that fit with you on an individual or group basis, and through the journey, you will build physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and strength. You will learn how to recognise and respond to stress.

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Katherine-Louise-JonesKatherine Louise Jones

My Specialty: Personal Development – Growth & Potential and Self-Awareness

Other services: EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors Trainer, Performance Coach, MindMap Tapping

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East & West

County: West Sussex

Town: Petworth, Chichester, Brighton, Pulborough

About Katherine:

Katherine Louise is a HeartMath Trainer, delivering workshops to organisations and individuals.

Her passion is empowering others to realise their true potential by reconnecting to the source within and incorporates colour psychology, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and Applied Bio-Mechanics to gain self-awareness and growth in Mind Body and Spirit.

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Natalia-Otero-SanchoNatalia Otero Sancho

My Specialty: Children and teenagers, pregnancy, stress reduction, resilience building, anxiety, body image issues, emotional eating disorders, sleeping issues

Other services: Specialising in digestive problems, stress and hormonal imbalances, fatigue and weight management. As a Registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT, CNHC) Natalia Otero works closely with individuals to design bespoke nutrition programs.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

About Natalia:

I came across the HeartMath® technique five years ago when an American doctor introduced me to it as a tool to help my eldest son’s nervous tic. Great improvements were noticed after a few months, so I decided to do more research and get my coach accreditation to help my clients.

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Gary-Coulton-HeartMath-CoachDr Gary Coulton

My Specialty: Leadership, Starting or growing a business, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Personal Development

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching & Organisational Development

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South East England & London

County: Surrey

Town: Surbiton

About Gary:

My reward in life is helping people gain enduring achievement in business and life. I use my 30 years experience as an, educator, biomedical researcher, manager and leader working in UK Medical Schools as the foundation of my work as an executive and life coach.

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Paula-Ruane-HeartMath-CoachPaula Ruane

My Specialty: Rapid analysis and resolution of environmental and personal stressors affecting individual performance, productivity and personal control. Reduction of staff absenteeism and disruption, increasing engagement and attendance.

Other services: Stress health risk assessment and absentee reduction in the work place. Speciality group – busy working women 30-50, juggling time, work and many roles. Heartmath Certified Group Trainer, NEShealth Practitioner, NLP, TFT, EFT.

Country: England

Region: London and South East

County: City of London and Essex

Town: Bishopsgate EC2 and Colchester CO6

About Paula:

Running my design business with 3 children under the age of 5, my husband, aged 35, had a heart bypass. The cause was chronic long-term stress. Since then, I have studied the causes of stress on performance, health, social and business relationships and its effect on productivity outcomes.

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Jude-O-Reilly-HeartMath-CoachJude O’ Reilly

My Specialty: Golf, Performance Improvement, Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Teenagers; Personal Development, Sales

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching, NLP (Business NLP)

Country: Ireland

Region: Dublin, Ireland. For Golf performance coaching, available to travel.

County: Dublin

Town: Blackrock

About Jude:

Originally from Sligo, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at UCD, I traveled the world for about 12 years, living in Australia, Japan and USA. I caddied and worked with top professional golfers on the European, US and Japan Tours. Since working with these elite performers I have concentrated my focus on helping others achieve high levels of performance.

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Aisling-Killoran-HeartMathAisling Killoran

My Specialty: HeartMath 1 on 1 Provider. MetaHealth Specialist – Art and Science of Self-Healing.
Facilitator of Personal Growth in addition to Stress Reduction and Resilience Building; Workplace Bullying, Stress and Anxiety Reduction, Fears and Phobias, Public Speaking, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Personal Development, Fertility, Childbirth, Women’s Issues, Children’s Issues and school bullying!

As complex as your problem may seem on the surface, I will do my best to help you achieve the kind of life you know you deserve.
Your personal transformational experience will be facilitated by taking into account your personal learning styles and needs.

Other services: Transformational Techniques for Self-Healing and Peak Performance; NLP, Hypnosis, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, EMDR, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Techniques. Hypnobirthing – Childbirth Preparation Techniques. MetaHealth

Country: Ireland

Region: Leinster, Dublin also work nationally and internationally

County: Dublin

Town: Ballinteer and Sandymount

About Aisling:

I am an experienced Solution Focused Holistic Facilitator of Personal Growth and transformation and have over 16 years and 14,000 clinical hours, with one to one clients and groups that improve our overall performance on a daily basis.

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Tony-Vaughn-HeartMathTony Vaughan

My Specialty: Authentic Leadership, Integrity, Key Influential Characteristics, Wellbeing, Aspiring to World class & Master Class

Other services: Performance coaching for Project Teams / facilitator of the Optimise your World online CAMPUS

Country: Ireland

Region: Leinster

County: Dublin

Town: Skerries

About Tony:

Author of the ‘Optimise your World’ book & facilitator of the Optimise your World online CAMPUS

Experience of building, leading & working within high achieving, award winning project delivery forums; on multi Billion pound Engineering & Infrastructure projects

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Debra-EdwardsDebra Edwards

My Specialty: Need a marketing strategy and plan for this year? … Want some marketing collateral designed and produced? … Got an event that needs organising? … Can’t get to grips with social media? … Fed up with writing tender responses? … No time for writing entries for your industry awards? … Can’t find the time to get that video directed for youtube? … Stressed out by how much there is to do???!!!

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing DAME helps business owners, leaders and managers in the employee benefits, health & wellbeing and sports sectors get coherent with their marketing strategies and plans. Using a unique blend of Strategy Planning, Practical Implementation, Coaching & Mentoring and Stress Reduction & Resilience Building, you can choose the level and combination of support you need.

As complex as your problem may seem on the surface, I will do my best to help you achieve the kind of life you know you deserve.
Your personal transformational experience will be facilitated by taking into account your personal learning styles and needs.

Other services: Coaching and mentoring individuals to help them achieve their personal and career goals, reduce stress and build resilience.

Country: UK

Region: South East, London

County: Kent

Town: Westerham

About Debra:

As a coach and mentor I have been privileged to work with many different sectors of the community looking for guidance and training on how to market businesses coherently.

More about Debra


delia-youngDelia Young: CPsychol – AFBPsS – MSc – MA – BEd

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building. Personal Development: Children, Teenagers, Individuals and Couples.

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching, CBT, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Mindfulness

Country: England

Region: South East and North West

County: Buckinghamshire and Cumbria

Town: Beaconsfield / Gerrards Cross and Windermere

About Delia:

As a Teacher and Chartered Psychologist, my whole working life has been directed to guide and inspire each developing person to be aware of their own special qualities.

More about Delia


Jackie-NotmanJackie Notman/The Open Heart Connection

My Specialty: (in addition to Stress Reduction and Resilience Building) To encourage and empower people to reconnect to their own heart’s wisdom for all aspects of their wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

Country: UK

Region: South West

County: Wiltshire

Town: Calne

About Jackie:

I have a background in complementary therapies, energy healing and feng shui and have worked for a number of years as an intuitive advisor and consultant to individuals and businesses.

More about Jackie


Josie-WoodJosie Wood

My Specialty: Living from your Heart Workshops, Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Spirituality, Personal Development, Life Purpose, Life direction/career change, Depression, Trauma, Relationship issues, Anxiety, Body image, Low Self-esteem, Sleeping issues, Psychosomatic disorders.

Other services: Counselling, Coaching, Therapies, Healing

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North East, North West

County: Yorkshire

Town: Ilkley

About Josie:

With over 20 years experience of working as a counsellor, Life Coach and Therapist I have found the power of the heart to be the most pivotal influence in personal transformation.

More about Josie


Barbara-Pidgeon-HeartMath-CoachBarbara Pidgeon

My Specialty: I help people who want to transform their lives and to truly realise their potential in whatever direction that happens to be. I have worked in particular with troubled youngsters; stressed business professionals; athletes; and anyone struggling to effectively control their weight.

Other services: I believe that we are all unique, I offer tailor made programmes for people that pull on my wide portfolio of skills. I am a post graduate Transpersonal Psychologist, trained yoga teacher, CBT counsellor, Nutritionist and Functional Diagnostic Practitioner. I also have a wide experience in leading large scale business transformation projects.

I primarily focus on the two key variables in life that we can most effectively control i.e. how we breathe and what we eat. With these two factors working in harmony, life becomes magic.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

County: London

Town: London

About Barbara:

Having personally benefited from the positive and transformative impact of conscious breathing I gave up a successful business career to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

More about Barbara


Irwin-EdgehillIrwin Edgehill

My Specialty: Leadership, Career change and Retirement, Weight management, Teenagers, Personal development, Self-Image building

Other services: NLP, Corporate training, Employability and Life skills, Health & Safety training

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South West

Town: Bournemouth

About Irwin:

Irwin is an experienced Life coach and Educational trainer based in Dorset.

More about Irwin


<Bryan McElroyBryan-McElroy-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty: Heart Math 1:1 Coach/ Resilience trainer for groups and organisations, Graduate of Bryon Katie’s School for the Work, Three Principles Facilitator, Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry, MICGP: General Practitioner, Hearing Voices group facilitation training with Jacqui Dillion

Country: Ireland / UK

Region: Munster / Bristol

County: Cork

About Bryan:

I am currently studying Alexander Technique in the Bristol School of Alexander technique which I am thoroughly enjoying. I am also helping individuals to optimise their physical, emotional and psychological health in the Bristol area.

More about Bryan


Owain-GrevilleDr Owain Greville

My Specialty: Wellness advice

Other services: Wellness advice/ nutrition advice

Country: Wales

Region: Cardiff

County: Wales

Town: Cardiff

About Owain:

General Practitioner based in South East Wales (Cardiff). Experienced meditator with a keen passion in personal development/wellness, nutrition and biohacking.

More about Owain


Wendy-McCullaWendy McCulla

My Specialty: Leadership and management, Strategic planning, Small/medium business owners, Senior teams, Performance enhancement – individual and teams, Executive coaching, Emotional intelligence, mindfulness, mental resilience

Other services: Leadership and management training, Team performance training, Strategic planning

Country: Northern Ireland / Ireland

Region: Northern Ireland / Ireland

About Wendy:

I have over 15 years’ experience in coaching and training individuals and teams in SME’s and professional Practices throughout Ireland.

More about Wendy


Maria-LynchMaria Jose Lynch

My Specialty: Confidence Building, Self-Esteem building , Advanced Communication skills Assertiveness, Influencing, Negotiation ; Stress Reduction , Emotional Management and Resilience Building:, Maximizing Personal Impact

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching, NLP, EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, Strengthscope, Coaching with Emotional Intelligence, Image Consultancy, Assertiveness Training,

Country: Ireland

Region: Dublin

County: Dublin

Town: Dublin

About Maria:

Maria’s background is in Business and Marketing with over 20 years combined commercial, coaching, mentoring and training experience. In 2007 she embarked on a career transition to start her own business: MJL – Motivated Joyful Living – to work as a one-to-one Executive & Confidence coach, trainer, workshop facilitator and international speaker.

More about Maria


Lyn-PageLyn Page

My Specialty: Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Heath & Wellbeing, Life/Career Change, Business consolidation, growth and development, Finance management and reporting

Other services: Growth Accelerator registered coach, Health & Wellbeing coach working in conjunction with a registered GP, Results Certified Coach (based on Neuroscience) Coach training programme management and facilitation, Budgeting, Cashflow forecasting, Business planning and forecasting, Management Accounts

Country: UK

Region: South West, West Midlands and Wales

County: Somerset

Town: Taunton

About Lyn:

Originally trained as an accountant, Lyn has worked in senior management teams implementing change, growing businesses, and managing people.

Working with global businesses, groups of companies (£100 million turnover) with multiple subsidiaries, profit centers, membership bodies, local businesses, sole traders and accounting practices.

More about Lyn


Barbara-MariposaBarbara Mariposa

My Specialty: HeartMath coaching in corporate and private settings. Corporate wellness and mental health. Performance and Lifestyle assessment to maximise energy, health and happiness. Communication across cultures, both professional and global. Mindfulness, and emotional intelligence for executives, individuals and organisations via one to one, seminars, workshops, and courses. Unconscious Bias and Human Error

Other services: Mind Mood Mastery programme. Five Elements Acupuncture. Public speaking. Leadership presence and presentation skills training. Use of improv. theatre to enhance creativity, innovation and engagement in corporates. Neuroscience of stress, wellness, communication and future-fit leadership

Country: UK

Region: London and S.E. England

County: London

Town: London

About Barbara:

Since qualifying as a doctor in London, then working as a psychiatrist and in public health, I’ve spent the last thirty odd years tracking down the best ways to help people be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

My vision is whole person wellness which means supporting people to connect with the truest expression of themselves. My passion is communication, building bridges, since this is where I observe that so much personal and organisational breakdown arises.

More about Barbara


Francesca-MastrojanniFrancesca Mastrojanni

My Specialty: Personalised health management and prevention, weight loss.

Other services: Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy

Country: UK

Region: London

Town: London

About Francesca:

My work as a nutritional therapist enables me to provide support for the physical/biochemical aspect of resilience and stress management as well as the mental/emotional aspect offered through HeartMath techniques, allowing for a comprehensive approach to increasing resilience in the interest of long term health.

More about Francesca


Alex-RedaelliAlex Redaelli

My Specialty: To create sacred containers where safety, community and connection did most of the heavy lifting.

True seeker of effective solutions that can improve the quality of everyone’s life and give new meaning and clarity to existence. I mean owning the particular flavour and blend of knowledge, energy, caring, and experience. Ability to positively surprise, confidentiality, gentleness and warmth.

Other services: Author, Speaker, Educator

Country: Benelux, U.K., Italy

Town: Luxembourg, London, Milan

About Alex:

I worked for most of my life in interior architecture field, in construction and industrial design.

I have always been attracted by everything that is considered sacred, and particularly fascinated by science and spirituality.

More about Alex


Gwyneth-Wesley-RolphGwyneth Wesley Rolph

My Specialty: Personal Development, Peak Performance, Cognitive Enhancement, Supporting the needs of the exceptionally & profoundly gifted in the workplace and in higher education

Other services: Study and Memory Skills, Biofeedback-assisted Study Debug, Communication Skills, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) and Applied Metapsychology for stress relief and personal ability enhancement, Life Consulting

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

County: Middlesex

Town: Enfield

About Gwyneth:

I am particularly interested in peak performance and maximizing personal potential, so I coach with that in mind. I have a background in training and self-development counselling, so in addition to biofeedback I also offer study and self-development training and coaching.

More about Gwyneth


Barbara SantosBarbara-Santos-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty: HeartMath® Certified Coach and Trainer, delivering Coaching Sessions and Workshops both to individuals and organisations.
Specialities: Stress Reduction, Resilience Building, Leadership, Work-Life Balance, Fertility, Happiness.

Other services: Workshop leader, Speaker, Yoga instructor

Country: Portugal

Region: Centre

Town: Lisbon

About Barbara:

I aim to make a difference on companies’ successful growth and people’s happiness.
My purpose is to share the amazing yet simple tools I acquired while dealing with my own professional and personal challenges.

More about Barbara


UdiEhud (Udi) Gon-Paz

My Specialty: Couples & Marriage, Family & Teen, Health & Wellness, HeartMath Technology Training, Life Coach, Men’s Issues, Organizational Development, Professional Coaching, Sports Performance, Certified Group Trainer

Other services: Diet and Nutrition specialist, Wellness Coach

Country: UK, France, Monaco

Region: London and South East

County: Greater London

Town: Archway

About Udi:

As a Wholistic Life Style mentor, a Clinical Nutritionist, a Heartmath Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach, I am dedicated to helping others understand the physiological and emotional aspects of their lives and the connection and overlap between these aspects. This in-turn allows people to self-improve the physiological and emotional aspects of their lives which I believe helps people activate their innate ability to self-heal when given the proper tools, information and guidance.

More about Udi


Susi-DaleSusi Dale

My Specialty: HeartMath 1-1 Provider: Stress reduction, resilience, life balance.

Other services: NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach.

Country: UK

Region: London and S.E. England

County: London

Town: Balham

About Susi:

I have been coaching individuals in the UK and overseas since 2007. I am passionate about well-being and in a modern world where overstimulation is commonplace and most of us feel under pressure much of the time, my calling is to empower people to regain and maintain control over their experience of life.

More about Susi


Kedge-Martin-HeartMath-CoachKedge Martin

My Specialty: Managing wealth and C-Suite transition

Other services: Private client advisory; C-Suite Coaching; philanthropy advice

Country: UK and USA

Region: London, Gloucestershire, Scotland

About Kedge:

Kedge Martin is CEO and Founder of Longbow NXG, working with individuals and families to help them manage the responsibilities and opportunities of significant wealth and Longbow Future, working with C-Suite professionals in transition. Prior to founding Longbow, Kedge was CEO of Sentebale, Prince Harry’s international development charity, working with HRH in the UK and internationally and was a founder member of TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s Charities Forum. More about Kedge


Jude RyanJude-Ryan-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty:  (in addition to Stress Reduction and Resilience Building) Leadership development of self and others, Performance, Health and Well-being, Mindfulness Skills, Positive Neuroplasticity Training, Life/Career change

Other services: Executive/ Career/ Performance Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Dementia Coach, Mindfulness skills and Positive Neuroplasticity Training, Action Learning Facilitator, Management & Leadership Consultant, Mentoring

Country: England

Region: South England, London and Midlands

County: Bedfordshire

Town: Bedford / Milton Keynes

About Jude:

I am a highly skilled and experienced Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I incorporate a blend of approaches into my work, including positive psychology, NLP, mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity. I believe that resilience, well-being and performance are intrinsically linked and all are essential components that enable a rewarding and fulfilling life. More about Jude

Ollie-Brogan-HeartMath-CoachOllie Brogan

My Specialty: Executive wellbeing, dealing with Corporate life, Stress Management, Integrated Harmony. HeartMath Coach

Other services: Senior Executive Coaching , Leadership development.

Country: Ireland

County: Dublin

About Ollie:

Ollie is currently the Managing Director of ESB International, a Global multimillion Euro organization. He has extensive leadership experience delivering results through significant change and in diverse leadership roles within ESB, ESB International, Customer Supply (now Electric Ireland), Corporate Affairs, Power Generation, Marketing, ESB Retail and Materials. More about Ollie

Carole PembertonDr Carole Pemberton

My Specialty: Resilience building and resilience rebuilding.

Other services: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Women’s Leadership Coaching, Resilient Leadership. Coach development and supervision.

Country: UK

Region: London and South East

County: East Sussex

Town: Brighton

About Carole:

I have worked as a career and executive coach for 20 years. In that work resilience is a constant presence. Career disruption knocks resilience and sustaining resilience is a key element in career success. I also know that resilience is tested regularly in leadership roles.

More about Carole

eddy-quah-heartmath-coachEddy Quah

My Specialty: Performance Coaching, Development and Improvement; Cultural Awareness & Diversity Coaching; Stress Management; Building Resiliency and Achieving Peak Performance; Mentoring

Other services: In addition to being a HeartMath 1:1 Provider, I provide consultancy on Business Process Transformation; Change Leadership & Management; Procurement Performance Management; Finance Business Partnering and Project Management.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London & South East

County: London and Surrey

Town: Thames Ditton

About Eddy:

Eddy spent his professional career, spanning three decades, in numerous senior leadership roles in Finance, Procurement, IT, Change and Project Management, within a global leading player based in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom.

More about Eddy

daksha-patel-heartmath-coachDaksha Patel

My Specialty:  I work with individuals, teams and organisations to align mindset with business and self-leadership goals, increase resilience, decrease stress and improve personal effectiveness. Using innovative approaches in neuroscience I work with you to make sustainable changes from the inside out.

Other services: The services provided are delivered through one to one coaching, training and business consultancy.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands and West Midlands

County: Nottinghamshire

Town: Nottingham

About Daksha:

I bring over 25 years’ experience working as a senior manager, trainer and coach in public sector organisations and within a management consultancy remit delivering results.

More about Daksha

sarah-nightingale-heartmath-coachSarah Nightingale

My Specialty:  Elite Sport and Corporate Coaching, Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Clarity of Thinking, Team and Individual Dynamics, Personal Development, Transition Coaching, Communication Skills

Other services: Team Dynamics Coaching, Personal Performance Coaching, DISC Personality Profiling, Transition Coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South Wales

County: Caerphilly

Town: Cardiff

About Sarah:

I have over a decade’s experience of personal development coaching in the elite sport, education and corporate environments. I specialise in helping others to set and clarify objectives and achieve their goals whilst lowering stress and developing resilience.

More about Sarah

wendy-bowers-heartmath-coachWendy Bowers

My Specialty:  Helping busy professionals and business owners find ways to improve their business and find time for themselves. Women specific business and leadership coaching and programmes. Working with schools and colleges to inspire future female leaders.

Other services: Experienced conference speaker and chair. Executive coaching, Leadership and Management, CMI management qualifications. Experienced presenter and chair.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North West, North East

County: Lancashire

Town: Colne

About Wendy:

An experienced and influential senior professional with 30 years plus experience in manufacturing, finance, business support and family business. A mother of four, Wendy has worked tirelessly to promote enterprise as a choice for women whilst establishing and building 3 successful businesses.

More about Wendy

Gavriel Shawgavriel-shaw-heartmath-coach

My Specialty: 

I have three specialities: 1. Gaining crystal clarity on your life purpose. 2. Resilience to achieve that purpose. And 3. Nurturing authentic relationships to share that purpose. We begin with emotional clearing, then work to clarify your strengths and mission, and finally bring your most authentic best self into both personal and professional relationships.

Other services:

Country: UK

Region: London

About Gavriel:

From long-term travel in 40+ countries with a corporate marketing background, clients describe my approach to coaching as deep and intuitive. A passion for authentic integrity, I help reach below surface issues to find purpose, peace and passion — freeing you from emotional triggers or old beliefs.

More about Gavriel

Daniel Dzikowskidaniel-dzikowski-heartmath-coach

My Specialty:  Leadership, business coaching, creating wonderful work environments, employee retention, meditation, Emotional Release work, Personal Development, Parenting.

Other services: Life coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: London

County: London

About Daniel:

Daniel delivers inner and outer transformation work using his 15+ year business and personal development experience.

More about Daniel

linda-ambrose-heartmath-coachLinda Ambrose

My Specialty:  Stress Reduction and Resilience Building for individuals and groups using models such as MBSR (Mindfulness Stress Reduction), CEB (Cultivating Emotional Balance), Heartmath. Personal development

Other services: Operational improvement, organisational development, team & individual staff development, executive coaching & training especially within regulated environments.

Country: United Kingdom (Dorset) & Thailand (Bangkok)

Region: South

County: Dorset

Town: Dorchester

About Linda:

With a technical background in pharmaceutical operations management in the public and private sectors, and post graduate qualifications in psychology, Linda left industry in 1997 to form her own consultancy specializing in executive coaching, remedial & generative operational improvement, organisational development, team & individual staff development & training particularly within regulated environments.

More about Linda

Mark Wignarajahmark-wignarajah-heartmath-coach

My Specialty:  Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Nutrition, Personal Training, Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Kettle Bell Training

Other services: Executive Performance Coaching/BulletProof Coaching

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Midlands

County: Nottinghamshire

Town: Nottingham

About Mark:

I’ve worked as a trainer in the IT and business industry for over 15 years and have been passionate about health and fitness since my late teens. With constant long trips away from home, living in hotels, being bound by deadlines and long hours in the office, I’ve educated myself to maintain above average levels of fitness and wellbeing. At 37 I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and am constantly learning new ways of increasing my health and pushing my limits.

More about Mark

Clare Gilsenan

My Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Trauma, Addictions, Stress, Weight Loss, Self Esteem, Exam Nerves

Other services: EMDR, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Bereavement Counselling

Country: UK

Region: South East

County: West Sussex

Town: Worthing

About Clare:

I have a website that can help you to learn more about me and how I can help you. I have been established since 2003. I use an integrative approach and as well as using Heartmath in my practise I have a toolbox of proven techniques that enable me to to effectively tailor make sessions to the individuals needs.

More about Clare

Sophie SavageSophie-Savage-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty: Specialities: Naturopath.

Other services: Stress Management, Reflexology, Nutrition and Weight-loss, EFT.

Country: UK and France

Region: North West (UK) and South (FR)

County: Cheshire (UK), and Alpes-Maritimes (FR)

Town: Sale (UK), and Antibes (FR)

About Sophie:

Formally a teacher for infants in Reunion Island (FR); and later for university students (UK); as well as a Curator in France having studied Art History at The Louvre for 10 years; and more recently as a Global Account Manager for some major ‘notorious’ corporations.
More about Sophie

Angela BaileyAngela-Bailey-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty: Specialities: Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Teenagers; Couples, Weight Loss, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Life/Career Change, Sales etc.)

Nutrition and lifestyle advice, stress management, resilience building, energy optimisation, anxiety and depression issues, and weight management

Other services: Nutrigenomics and Functional Medicine practitioner, Nutritional therapy

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North West

County: Cheshire

Town: Warrington

About Angela:

Angela has nearly two decades of personal and professional experience of using nutritional therapy to help promote health, wellbeing and vitality for individual clients and in a corporate setting. She can help you to build the resilience that you need to improve your energy, performance and sleep, not just through changes to your diet and lifestyle, but also through achieving greater emotional balance and stability using the Heartmath techniques.

More about Angela

Karen-Oehme-HeartMath-Coach Karen Oehme

My Specialty: Women’s Vitality (Emotional & Energy Transformation), Relationship Rejuvenation, Confidence Coach, Teams & Talent Transformations, Life Balance, Wealth & Career Coaching.

As complex as your problem may seem on the surface, I will do my best to help you achieve the kind of life you know you deserve.
Your personal transformational experience will be facilitated by taking into account your personal learning styles and needs.

Other services: Holistic Leadership Training, Executive/Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Caring Culture Change, Personal and Spiritual Development, Personality Profiling & Values Alignment Training, Law of Attraction-Visioning.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East midlands

County: Nottinghamshire

Town: Edwalton Village

About Karen:

I am a Holistic transformational trainer, therapist, coach and consultant, with 30 years specializing in women’s well-being; integrating science wisdom with spiritual practices and expertise in culture change and resilience programs.

More about Karen

Derek Savage

Derek-Savage-HeartMath-CoachMy Specialty: Specialities: Stress Management, Personal Development.

Other services:Reflexology, Iridology.

Country: UK and France

Region: North West (UK) and South (FR)

County: Cheshire (UK), and Alpes-Maritimes (FR)

Town: Sale (UK), and Antibes (FR)

About Derek:

Having spent a lifetime as an IT consultant, managing projects and teams of developers, I am now using all my experience to benefit others. The last 10 years of my life has been an unprecedented journey into the understanding of all those things I took for granted: Nutrition, Health, Breathing, Stress, Energy, Exercise, Relaxation, and Communication. My wife is a Naturopath, and so I became the willing ‘test pilot’ for all her new discoveries, and so for my new adventures. More

Christine-Walter-HeartMath-CoachChristine Walter

My Specialty:  Holistic – Well-being all around

Other services: Terapi (nurse), life coaching, mBraining…. But all together tools to do holistic human coaching/terapi

Country: Denmark

Region: Northern Jutland


About Christine:

I love to see the great transformation I can help humans to do with very simple tools – that makes me full of appreciation and gratefulness. What a gift.
My interests have always been in the mittle of Human beings, communication, psychology, philosophi and epic. More

Tracey-Chaplin-HeartMath-CoachTracey Chaplin

My Specialty: Specialities: HeartMath Coach 1-1 integrating HeartMath with Life and Potential for the present and future goals.

Other services:Manifesting change using HeartMath, Kinesiology and Body Tracking.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: South England

County: West Sussex and Hampshire

Town: Chichester and Petersfield

About Tracey:

Tracey has been working as a professional Creative Kinesiologist since 2005. Tracey trained with Carrie Jost, Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology. More

Greta-Irving-HeartMath-CoachGreta Irving

My Specialty: Specialities: stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, body image issues, mindfulness, self -awareness, eating issues, self-neglect & self-harm, low self-esteem, emotional overwhelm, lack of motivation, sexuality, identity issues, spirituality, body-mind-spirit system, psychosomatic issues, emotional aspects of ill health /physical condition

Country: United Kingdom

Region: East Anglia / Online

About Greta:

I am an experienced UKCP accredited Psychotherapist, licensed HeartMath® provider and qualified Coach with an interest in emotional balance and mind-body alignment for mental and physical health and wellbeing. My background has been in Community Development, Learning and Training, and in Organisational Development. I have worked in private practice since 2006 More

Ray Taylor

Ray-Taylor-HeartMath-CoachMy Specialty: Specialities: People development – challenge and support people to be their best.

Supporting individuals and organisations in the areas of leadership (self and others), communication and change, that encourages healthy relationships and working climate

Other services: Fluent French speaker, NLP and HUNA experience, Voice Coach (and singing)

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North East

County: Tyne and Wear

Town: Newcastle Upon Tyne

About Ray:

Director of Reach Beyond – work as a consultant in the Retail and Hospitality industries, with international experience (Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, South Africa.) Offering events to enhance personal and professional performance and have a healthy life balance. More

Lisa Castagna

My Specialty:  Coaching en relations interpersonnelles (couples, parents/enfants,
Comment améliorer la communication interindividuelle en utilisant les techniques HeartMath pour mieux démanteler les conflits.

Consultation individuelle sur rendez-vous.Lisa-Castagna-HeartMath-Coach

Other services: Développement de l’intuition; Reduction du stress au quotidien; La place de chacun dans la communauté.

Country: France

Region: Nouvelle Aquitaine

County: la Vienne (86) et les Pyrénées Atlantiques (64)

Town: Champagné St Hilaire (86) et St Jean de Luz (64)

About Lisa:

Ex infirmière expérimentée dans le domaine des enfants ( conception,
naissance, éducation jusqu’à l’âge d’adulte). Formations acquises sur l’accompagnement en fin de vie, les enfants handicapés et l’enfant en danger.
Expériences sur la séparation, le divorce, la gestion de la famille recomposée.
Bi-langues : anglais / français
More about Lisa

Sarah LumleySarah-Lumley-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty:  I provide practical, professional and compassionate advice and support for individual, group and corporate wellness. I have worked in private practice since 2002 following the Functional Medicine approach. That is, I explore and address the underlying causes of your health problems and dis-ease using various tools (primarily Nutrition) in order to maximise your health potential and wellbeing.

I see HeartMath as an integral tool to help clients enhance their acuity, clarity and competence.

Other services:

I currently fulfil Senior Nutritional Therapist roles at Breast Cancer Haven (London) and BodySoulNutrition (Surrey). I regularly lecture at the College for Naturopathic Medicine, where I was Academic Director and wrote the Natural Chef course.

Country: UK

Region: South East, London

County: Surrey

About Sarah:
I am a nutritional therapist with a desire to help people feel good through my personalised food and lifestyle recommendations.
I love food, confess to being a bit of a foodie and love to impart that enthusiasm to others.

More about Sarah


Ashleigh TobinAshleigh-Tobin-HeartMath-Coach

My Specialty:  Personal Development – encouraging clients to live a life that makes their heart sing, Health and Wellbeing Clinic, Holistic Self Care Coaching, Heartmath Coach

Other services: I’ve run a natural health clinic for the last thirteen years, using homeopathy, nutrition and supplements to bring about improvements in health. Using NLP and Mythoself coaching skills, I run regular personal development workshops, alongside one to one mentoring in the areas of self-care and finding peace, purpose and passion amidst the noisy background called Life. My clinic specialises in women’s health across all areas from teenage period problems through fertility issues and beyond menopause.

Country: Ireland

Region: South Dublin

Town: Wicklow

About Ashleigh:

With a background in nursing, experience across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and time spent in senior management in the pharmaceutical industry, I have an in-depth knowledge of the role of conventional medicine in treating illness.

More about Ashleigh



Katinka Egres


My Specialty: Specialities: Emotional Consciousness, Life Challenges, Mind and Body Hacking, Heart-led Leadership, Learning Strategies, Family Issues, Peaceful Divorce Management, Personal Development, Consciousness, Meditation difficulties, Self-esteem, Boost Performance, Fear Management, Stage Fright, Public Speaking, Passion finding, Time Management

Country: Country

County: Pest

Town: Budapest

About Katinka:

Being a successful international actress by profession, yoga teacher and a mother of two, I felt a strong inner drive to give more quality and healing to people lives.

Getting through a lot of study, inner and outer challenges in life: vocational, financial, medical, divorce, life-threatening childbirth, and by working and living in many countries in Europe in the recent decade, I discovered a beautiful overview of patterns in Our lives, which are no different from each other, regardless of Our background, language, religion, personality or title.

More about Katinka



Nessa Doyle


My Specialty  (in addition to Stress Reduction and Resilience Building): Interview preparation. Performance at interview for competency based interviews. Leadership, managing people, organisational change initiatives.

Other services: Change management, Human Resource advisory service and Executive Coaching

Country: Ireland

Region: South East

County: Wexford

Town: Gorey


About Nessa:

I am an experienced Senior Manager with over 20 years’ experience managing people and working in various HR and Change Management Roles. I have been using the heartmath techniques for some time now and am excited to share the techniques with clients.

More about Nessa




Jane GraftonJane-Grafton

My Specialty:  1-1 Mindfulness coaching and training for individuals. Developing self-awareness, focus, clarity and resilience through combining HeartMath® biofeedback and techniques with mindfulness practice. Creating the insights in to how and why managing our mind changes everything we do and shapes who we are.

Other services: Corporate-based Mindfulness Training & Coaching, Mindfulness & Theatre, Mindfulness & Com-edy, Mini Silent Retreats, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, Corporate Laughter Yoga & Mindfulness sessions, Laughter Yoga Leader Training.

Country: England

Region: West Midlands

County: Warwickshire

Town: Stratford-upon-Avon

About Jane:

Jane has been practicing mindfulness since 1994, she began coaching and training in mindful-ness in 2003 and started using HeartMath technology in 2009. Since 2003 she has exclusively and specifically focused on the relevance, benefit and introduction of mindfulness in the work-place. Prior to that she did conventional corporate training with the British Council in Singapore, spent 6 years in senior management with The John Lewis Partnership in UK and spent 14 years serving in the military.

More about Jane




Violetta PsofakiVioletta-Psofaki

My Specialty:  Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness

Other services: Life & Transformational Coaching, NLP, Ho’oponopono

Country: Greece

Region: Central Greece

County: Attica

Town: Athens

About Violetta:

I have, for years on end, been on a journey of self-discovery that has led me to many paths, such as Meditation, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the method of Psychosocial Management Technologies (Dmitry Verishchagin), quantum medicine, exploration of enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states with Hemi-Sync technology, Silva Method (Life system, Intuition system), psycho-spiritual development and modern psychology of energy based on the tradition of the Andes, and the ancient Shaman teaching Munay Ki (the energy of Love). Each path has offered me its precious gifts.

More about Violetta




Mylona MyrtoMylona-Myrto

My Specialty:  Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Weight Loss, nutritional medicine

Other services: lifestyle medicine, wellness & Life Coaching, NLP, nutritionist, nutritional medicine

Country: Greece

Region: Central Greece

Town: Chaidari, Athens

About Mylona:
Mylona Myrto – Maria was born in Athens in 1981 and graduated from the Thessaloniki Department of Nutrition. Her first employment position was sponsored by the Greek Scholarship Foundation, cooperating with the Netherlands Olympic rowing team, during their preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games.
She has also worked, as dietitian in the Adolescent Health Unit, in “Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital. She has also participated in the European project “COSI”, which is a research project about the frequency of childhood obesity, conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

More about Mylona



Georgios CharitakisGeorgios-Charitakis

My Specialty:  Weight Loss, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Post-Traumatic Stress, Addictions, Chronic Pain, Grief and Loss, Brain Fitness Program, Stress and Weight Management Program, Neurocardiology

Other services: (e.g. medical examination, ECG, TRIPLEX of the heart.)

Country: Greece

Region: Central Greece

Town: Paleo Faliro, Athens

About Georgios:
Georgios Charitakis (MD, PhD). Cardiologist- Homeopath.
Graduate of Medicine of the University of Bologna (1978) and Doctor of the University of the Aegean (2005). Specialized in Cardiology (1986), master of science in nutrition (1996), PhD in “Systemic thinking in the study and design of holistic therapeutic systems with main reference to classical homeopathy” (2010). He worked at the Institute of Experimental Oncology at the University of Bologna (1978-1980), at Social Security Institute (1986-1988) and as Deputy Director at the Olympic Airways Diagnostic Centre (1989-2009).

More about Georgios



Fotini Serjani


My Specialty:  Personal Development and Life/Career Change

Other services: Executive/Life Coaching and therapies, management training

Country: Albania

Region: Tirana

Town: Tirana


About Fotini:

My name is Fotini Serjani. I am a painter from Albania. When I went in Athens I got in touch with an unknown literature that I hadn’t met before in Albania. My daughter brought me a book called “The third Eye” of Lombsang Ramba which led me in a spiritual path. After this, all choices were made by themselves. Any further literature of this nature developed in me spiritual awareness and the desire for therapy. So I worked with the therapeutical strength of the bioenergy, also through TAO, Hands full of light and many kinds of alternative therapy.

More about Fotini


Anita ZachouAnita-Zachou

My Specialty:  Holistic Life & Wellness Coach. Trainer/Speaker.

Specialist in stress relief and resilience building training for professional and personal effectiveness in small groups and on a 1-1 basis (offered by telephone, Skype or in person).

Nutrition & Weight management, Self-care, Personal Development, Couples & Marriage, Fertility, Peak performance, Productivity, Time Management, Corporate Wellness.

Other services: Meditation, Mindfulness, Aligning body-mind-soul to achieve a balanced life, Personal care & beauty Coaching, Anti-ageing Expert, Oxidation Stress, Hippocratic Ritual for Health & Well-being.

Country: Greece & Europe-wide

Region: Mykonos – Athens

About Anita:
As a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach I am passionate about emotional harmony, alignment of body, mind and soul, stress relief and resilience building. After 19 years living in a corporate world full of stress, imbalance and no time for self-care I decided to reset my life completely. I discovered my true self, my inner peace and strength and so managed to listen to my calling.

More about Anita


Vicky TsokouVicky-Tsokou

My Specialty:  Stress Reduction and Resilience, Emotional Fitness Training, Relationship Coaching

Other services: Clinical Hypnotherapy , Author, Speaker, Writer

Country: Greece

Region: Attica

Town: Athens

About Vicky:
I am a Coach for Women who’s passionate about supporting women to get out of their own way so they can enjoy developing themselves, their dreams and to improve their love life . I have spent more than 7 years studying the research of resilience, positive emotion and courage – and implementing it in my own life and with clients.

More about Vicky


Siobhan HaynesSiobhan-Haynes

My Specialty:  Stress management and resilience building for all ages. Working with young people and families under pressure. Hormonal health. Using HeartMath solutions for managing stress, related issues and for increasing performance under pressure. A homeopathic view of holistic health. Autism Spectrum Condition.

Other services:  Homeopathy. Trainer. Life coaching. Stress management.

Country: Wales

Region: South Wales

Town: Swansea

About Siobhan:

Contact Details:

As a Homeopath and trainer for over 25 years, my work has encompassed all areas of health and health management including chronic and acute illness. My particular field of interest is how the mind and body work together with emphasis on reducing stress, thus maximising optimal health.

More about Siobhan


Val BoneVal-Bone

My Specialty:  In addition to Stress Reduction and Resilience Building, Inspirational organisations, Creativity and Innovation, Performance, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Life/Career Change.

Other services: EFT, Personal Development/ Spirituality workshop facilitation.

Qualified nurse with extensive experience in cancer and palliative care and person centred care.

Experienced nurse educator at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Qualified Moving and Handling trainer.

Country: United Kingdom

Region: North West

County: border of West Yorkshire and Lancashire

Town: Todmorden

About Val:

Val Bone is a registered nurse with an extensive experience of working with patients with cancer and in the palliative care field. Having worked in the NHS, private health care sector and also the charity sector both here and in New Zealand, Val has a particular understanding of the pressures of working in health care.

More about Val


John AllisonJohn Allison

My Specialty:  Movement for mental health through Motion To Mind™, innovative physical therapy sessions primarily in nature to reduce levels of stress, anxiety, depression and build confidence and self-esteem. StreetGym® urban training and NatGym® for the rural environment. Bespoke retreats for stress reduction, confidence building and physical fitness in the UK and overseas. Support to veterans, veterans charities and case management companies. Corporate wellbeing services, health checks, physical therapy sessions for stress reduction and resilience work.

Other services: Life coaching, 72 hour Lifestyle Assessment service based on Heart Rate Variability technology. Includes in-depth report and coaching.

Country: England

Region: London / South East

County: Greater London

Town: London

About John:

I served for 24 years with the British Army, primarily in Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Counter-Terrorist Search and Intelligence. For the past five years I’ve been working in the city, helping employees to build resilience and perform more effectively under pressure. I’m the founder of Motion To Mind™ and creator of the 4M Framework™, a blueprint for health and happiness.

More about John 


Angela MorrisAnglea morris

My Specialty:  Stress Reduction and Resilience Building. Promoting health and wellbeing, Dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma. Performance anxiety. Weight management. Dealing with the symptoms of transition into menopause. Painful/irregular periods. Fertility issues. Addictions.

Other services: Acupuncture, including auricular (tiny needles inserted into outer ear) NADA protocol, acupressure, homeopathic medicine.

Country: Wales

Region: South Wales

County: Neathportalbot, West Glamorgan

Town: Neath

About Angela:
I have 30 years clinical experience. Using a combination of relaxation techniques, mainly derived from yoga training, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, massage and more recently HeartMath coaching. For 15 years I have worked with families that have experienced domestic abuse. I have held a fully enhanced DBS for adults and children for 15 years.

More about Angela 


Erica FerrarErica Ferrar

My Specialty:  Improve creativity, clarity and confidence, by transforming stress and strengthening resilience.
Incorporating HeartMath coaching methods together with a range of holistic health and wellness therapies to achieve physical, mental and emotional equilibrium.
For individual clients and those seeking a way to transform the negative energy of stress into a more positive and empowering experience.
For education providers – to help with exam stress in children, teenagers and university students – improve performance and achieve greater success.

Other services: Relax Kids Coach, Stress Management Trainer, Reflexology, Massage Therapy and Master Reiki Practitioner (for people and animals). Zone Facelift Practitioner and Dental Health Professional.

Country: UK

Region: London and South East

County: Surrey

Town: Surbiton

About Erica: Erica has a 32+ year background as a Dental Health Professional with a keen interest in health and wellbeing. Since 1999, Erica has developed a passion for a more holistic approach to health and lifestyle and has trained extensively in a diverse range of holistic therapies.

More about Erica