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HeartMath® is offering a FREE download for this Father’s Day!

Improve your Golf Game…You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Everyone knows that golf is as much a mind game as it is a skills game. Clear mind, relaxed body, focus… and you’re in the zone. Now take your swing…

Father's Day gift of GolfWhat many amateurs might not realize, and most professionals do, is that controlling your emotions is one way of quietening the mind and helping with focus. Controlling your emotions also leads to a relaxed, yet alert, body.

This controlling of emotions is really about managing your state. When you’re feeling good, you’re in a state of Coherence, you’re in the flow. When you’re stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, too much on your mind and can’t keep it quiet enough to focus optimally, you’re in an incoherent state. You can’t think straight, often do silly things, and as a result your game suffers.

We sometimes call this the “science of why smart people do stupid things“.

You’ve played great games before. You know your skill level. You constantly improve your game as much as you can.

But you also know this:

You can practice as many times as you like, perfecting your swing, but the one thing that you absolutely need control over are your nerves.

As a coach and HeartMath Provider I teach my clients to manage their states, get into and stay in optimal performance states more regularly and for longer periods of time.

I use science and technology to teach them to get into the zone whenever they need or want.

So do yourself a favor and get the book from HeartMath now while it’s still available. It’s free! And it’s our gift to you!

But remember, downloading the book on how to improve your Golf Score for FREE is one thing. Reading the book is another. Actually practicing the simple techniques which leads to improving your game is yet another.

It’s taking action that leads to change! And it’s taking correct action that leads to success!

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Happy Father’s Day!

Article by: Alan Strydom, Director HeartMath SA, Lead Trainer, 1:1 Provider & Coach

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