Become a HeartMath® Provider

HeartMath UK’s 1:1 Provider Licensing and Training Programme is designed for professional coaches, counselors, therapists, mental health professionals and others who want to teach their individual clients the HeartMath System through a one-on-one process.

As a Licensed HeartMath1:1 Provider you receive:

  • A license that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s intellectual property and to promote yourself as a HeartMath trained professional in the UK.
  • Instruction in how to teach the research and science behind the HeartMath System.
  • Instruction in how to teach HeartMath’s 1:1 courses (using specific workbooks depending on the client’s needs).
  • Instruction in how to teach individuals how to use the emWave® technology.
  • Coaching in how to help integrate the HeartMath System into your other professional services.
  • Sales and marketing coaching and support.
  • Discounts on HeartMath UK’s complete line of products.
  • Access to HeartMath’s global Provider network for continuing education and on-going support.
  • The option of being listed in our web site directory of 1:1 Providers.


The HeartMath UK 1:1 Provider license does not authorise instruction of the HeartMath System to groups or at any type of workshop or seminar. For group training and becoming a HeartMath Training Partner, please contact Gavin Andrews, Email:

Application process:

  • Review the 1:1 Provider Sample License Agreement (right click, save as) and FAQ for more specifics about the license.
  • Fill out and submit the web application form below.
  • A HeartMath representative will contact you to answer your questions and review the terms and conditions of the 1:1 Provider License.
  • Acceptance into the programme is contingent upon successful completion of the pre-requisite course taken with a licensed Provider. This must be completed no later than 1 month prior to the training class for which you are applying. HeartMath will help you find a Provider. Fees and charges for this course are determined by and directly paid to your 1:1 Personal Trainer.
  • Upon completion of the pre-requisite course, you may register for a licensing and training class.

1:1 Provider licensing and training classes are conducted at HeartMath UK’s training facility at Latimer Place in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. These classes fill months in advance so it is best to apply early.

Contact Gavin Andrews, Email: